You Brits are really second-rate...

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Virgil, Jun 8, 2008.

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  1. ...when it comes to criminal lunatics.

    Step back and let the professionals show you how it's done:

    Murder suspect wears his feces to court

    Free-man appears in suit, tie with feces smeared on his face

    Free-man stunned the courtroom on the first day of his murder trial. He walked in dressed in a suit and tie – and covered in his own feces.

    As lawyers, court staff and deputies watched in disbelief, Superior Court Judge James Morgan questioned the 24-year-old unemployed Charlotte man

    But Free-man – who was representing himself – never said a word.

    The judge ordered Free-man committed to Dorothea Dix Hospital in Raleigh for an evaluation to determine if he's competent to stand trial.

    Free-man is accused of killing a 46-year-old female acquaintance in 2006 after a disagreement.

    In his order, the judge questioned Freeman's capacity to proceed, noting his prior history with mental health problems.

    “Defendant has been found to have borderline intellectual functioning or mild mental retardation,” the judge wrote.

    The judge ordered Free-man to be examined to determine whether he's suffering from mental illness or defect that prevents him from understanding the charges against him and assisting in his defense.

    Morgan questioned the soundness of Free-man's decision to represent himself against the murder charge, particularly after being repeatedly informed about the difficulties he may face in court.

    Morgan also cited Free-man's appearance in court.

    “While in (a) holding cell prior to (the) call of his cases for trial, defendant covered his face and parts of his hair and clothing with his own feces,” Morgan wrote. “Defendant refused to answer any questions.”

    cont'd at LINK
  2. " his order, the judge questioned *'s capacity to proceed, noting his prior history with mental health problems."

    No capacity = no trial. No trial = no conviction. He'll still end up in cell somewhere, but it'll be the padded variety, instead of with some giant hairy backed man named "bubba"
  3. Bl00dy colonialists.
  4. Another thing!
    Many Arrse'rs from the UK spend a lot of time talking about how sleazy their left-wing politicians are. Here in Massachusetts we have left wing politicians that are far sleazier than anything the UK has to offer.

    Take for example State Senator James Marzilli from a district just north of Boston. Jim is as left wing as they come, extremely "Green" and a staunch supporter of Women's Rights. He is a member of Democratic Socialists of America, part of the Socialist International. He has worked to strengthen laws preventing sexual harrassment and was a leader in the gay Marriage movement. He has his own website Click here. The pics on his website rotate so click reload a few time. You will love the pics with little kids.

    Jim has had an unfortunate problem which is affecting his re-election chances. He was arrested this week after he groped one woman and made indecent proposals to another, then was involved in a chase with the police and resisted arrest. See articles hereand here

    After his arrest got his picture in the paper 6 other women have come forward and identified his as the man who had indecently assaulted them. Always a smooth operator he would approach women in parks and ask them about their ..erm.. bodily shaving habits and then grab their crotch. After his release on bail he checked himself into McLean Hospital, a posh hospital for the rich and crazy.

    Given the information above, I think the US takes the prize for sleaziest left wing, moonbat politician. I challenge my British cousins to come up with a sleazier more hypocritical pol.
  5. Going by the thread title I thought for a moment it had been started by Des Browne.
  6. Once again an ill informed yank :)

    We had British Subjects covering themselves in sh1t years ago.

    "Dirty protests" done by "Skinny" sands (County Antrim, UK), "Fat Boy" hughes (Londonderry, UK), "Porky" mccreesh (County Armagh, UK) etc, etc. All British, all covered in sh1te and destined for the hot place. Had a few other NAAFI growler chomping mates go down with them as well. Spawned many new names for skinny cats and malnurished canines.

    Not only did they excel in covering their selves with their own kind, but also managed to decorate their cells as well.

    Once again, Brits win, yanks come a poor 5th or 6th :)
  7. 'Note to self: Remember this is their site...must refrain from answering...must refrain from answering...must refrain from answering...'

  8. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Did I hear the sound of a gauntlet being slapped down

    Mark Oaten MP - Lib Dems
    Oaten was a member of the Advisory Board of the Liberal Future think tank until it was wound up in 2005 and one of the contributors to the Orange Book (2004). Within the party Oaten has been called a moderniser, in the sense that he is keen to emphasise economic liberalism and to prevent the Liberal Democrats being sidelined as a 'party of the left'. However as the party's principal home affairs spokesman, he also championed the rights of asylum seekers and civil liberties, and has claimed to want to reunite all the strands of liberalism, and not elevate one above the others. Thus Oaten's supporters would describe him as being on the libertarian wing of the Liberal Democrats, rather than the 'right' wing

    On January 21, 2006, Oaten resigned from the Liberal Democrat front bench when it was revealed by the News of the World that he had had a relationship with a 23-year-old male prostitute between summer 2004 and February 2005. The newspaper alleges that Oaten had had 'three-in-a-bed' sex with two male prostitutes.. Rumours of coprophilia were reported in Private Eye and an opinion piece in the The Daily Telegraph.

    On January 29, the News of the World revealed that one of the male prostitutes involved was 25-year-old Tomasz (pronounced like English "Tomash"), a Polish former ballet dancer. The newspaper quotes Tomasz as saying "he was very specific about something special he wanted us to do to him. It's a gross act of humiliation which only a few punters ask for. It's quite revolting really.

    Shortly after the scandal broke, Oaten's wife of 13 years, Belinda, fled to their neighbours' house and then left the country taking their two daughters on a skiing holiday to Austria. While it was initially alleged by The Daily Mirror newspaper that she plans to divorce him[8] more recent reports on the BBC News website (as of 27th April 2006) state that their relationship is improving due to weekly counselling sessions (do you think she's done his back doors?)

    Oaten himself gave an explanation for his actions in an essay in The Sunday Times in which he claimed a "mid-life crisis" and the stress of going bald were partly responsible for his actions

    I don't know the U.S - the young pretender
    Own feces on face? - Dodgy polititions and sex scandals
    How about championing the rights of immegrants by paying two off them to piss and sh1t on you to releve the stress of going bald?

    Back to you :D
  9. Please! Like they aren't sleazzy Republicans.
  10. Yes, but he is a bit of a one off, ALL of ours are in the gravy trough, every one of them me me me me, except for that couple of weeks were they are trying to get re-elected to the gravy trough!
  11. We still have our trump card of criminal insanity (though the Austrians have made quite a move lately):

  12. Sorry mate!

    Not even in the top 5 and beaten by the French. Shame on you sir! :wink:
  13. Sorry old chap, when it comes to political insanity, real stand-up Monty-Python surrealism; us Brits like to do it in style. We have the most draconian anti-terrorist legislation anywhere in the Western World and have an elected terrorist as a first Minister! :)

    edited to add hyperlink

  14. Well said !! :D

    ...and a crusading B'liar who alledgedly said: I want to UNITE all the religions in the World... :?

    (pushing for Global honours :? :? )