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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by cdn_spr, Jul 15, 2008.

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  1. Inspired by the latest banter regarding NT's highly anticipated departure from the corps.......

    ..your chance to advise NT on his career options!
  2. arrse for rent......

    nah become one of those crazy blokes who doesnt work, has 10 kids, lives in a big house with a new big car with milk coupons and ASDA vouchers and don't worry we'll pay for it all with our taxes!!

    or work for KBR with the rest of the Corps
  3. I voted for the Dropshorts so that he can get thrown out of them as well, oh the shame. :twisted:

    Also Police dogs are useful. :D
  4. Shouldn't you have added The Big Brother house on that list?
  5. *sigh*

    For SOME of the people on here, that usually rip the piss out of me, probably weren't even in the army at 19, let alone deployed on an active tour. Also, I bet most people done their cadre early, to mid 20's and not as a teenager, so perhaps I shouldn't get ripped for that as well for not getting on it.

    I shall end with this..

    NT, coming to a SQN near YOU!! ;)
  6. Army at 16, wings up at 17, first op at 18 and cadre at 19. I win. Don't think I 've ever ripped the pish out of you on here although you strike me as a tool. I'd like to kidney punch you, slap you (like a girl) across the face then urinate on you.
  7. He'd make a good piece of packing to jack an MGB down on to.

    or someone to catch the blow out pins for dropping a fascine.

    or a good tripwire/pressure plate finder for a high risk search team...put that silly string away... "NT ... in you go and switch the light on, there's a good lad..."

    Or someone to connect the explosive hose to the rocket on a giant viper...

    If he's going to be a drop short then I suspect he'll fit in fandabydozy with the grubby f ucking oiks.
  8. Bore off you pleb, do you think that you are the only young sapper out there whoes been on tour. Wow, you went on tour at 19, woopee do! There were guys killed in the Falklands who were 17. Fusiler Keelan Turrington who was killed on Telic 1 was 18. He got an MiD for his actions.

    I was 17 when I joined the Army and did my first tour when I was 20. I was 21 when I did my cadre after 6 months in Kosovo, my B1 and 3 months in Canada so don't make out you're hard done by just because you're young. Age and maturity are two different things entirely.

    Cdn_Spr I'm a bit disappointed that there wasn't an option for Fig 11 target!
  9. NT, if you came to a Squadron near me I wouldn't mind.

    I could do with a new brew bitch :D

    You should join the Artillery though, lets face it, you're notgoing to get the p1ss ripped out of you more are you? 8O
  10. Army at just turned 17, wings up at 19. Turned down my first Cadre because I was on the biff.

    Poke it loser.
  11. 16, 18, 19. Oh and I passed it btw NT :wink: So its a lot more common than you think.

    Get back in your box.
  12. Well, now that I've been breifed up a thousands times can we let this die before it gets any sadder...
  13. Democracy in action NT..
  14. Reap what you sow.

    Unfortunately by not engaging the grey matter first you've got no one else to thank for the abuse!
  15. If only one of the thousand briefings actually worked :roll:
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