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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Bennett, Nov 28, 2007.

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  1. I have recently transferred from UOTC to a TA Bn and I notice life is not the same. My civvy mates are shocked by the anecdotes I tell and find my relative immunity to alcohol intimidating. also I keep getting invites to face-book groups that are along the lines of "You know how old you are when..." and reading ARRSE threads along a similar vein.

    So I thought I would jump on the band wagon and start a thread on "you know you are really TA when..."

    You know you are really TA when your company organises a social and you realise the only women you can invite are your mates WAGS or whores.

    You know you are really TA when going to a civvy mates party and no one will play your type of drinking games (IE ones that get people mullered in minutes few) because last time you convinced them to play drinking games they passed out within the hour (as if that was a bad thing).

    You know you are really TA when....

    Carry on the thread or ridicule me as a nig in your time.
  2. Did you enjoy "Picking up the brass"?
  3. Yes I did thank you.
  4. Apologies, ignore that, I'm confusing you with "Bradshaw".
  5. when your oc offers you one can of beer then charges you for a second one
  6. You need to grow up
  7. Correction, you have went from a forces affiliated youth group and JOINED the Armed Forces. :x
  8. "Sevens"

    1x Cards, Playing.

    Player draws 3 cards from the deck of cards. If any of these cards are a 7, the player will take a drink for every 7 they have drawn. Once finished, the 7's go back into the deck, and any cards drawn that are not a 7, are removed from the deck and placed aside. The deck is shuffled, and passed to the next player.

    Repeat until wnakered.
  9. He said

    He meant

  10. You know you're in the T.A. when some ex OTC knob repeatedly bores you with his drinking stories.
  11. Ha! Thats funny. Last time i checked UOTC pers where on the same disfunctioning payroll and had an army number.

  12. Yes at the risk of looking like a spotter, you still take the oath and what not for the UOTC, regardless of what actually goes on there. ( I think the regular Colonels and what not in staff positions in the OTC might object to being called a forces affiliated youth group - one that provides a number of Officers for the TA/Regulars.)

    Bennet, this is a bone topic though
  13. As bone a topic as it is, it's still more interesting than people asking about the correct distance/weight of a CFT and moaning about their lack of financial planning skills.
  14. ... your given an eight digit number, a uniform and taught how to soldier as apposed to knowing you are really an electronic's engineer where you are given a uniform and taught how to solder?
  15. might be bone, but at least its different