You are the Chief of the Defence Staff...........

You are the CDS.

You have just been informed that the continental USA is going to be wiped out by meteor showers starting on Friday at 0347 hrs, a fact that will not be made known to the Pentagon

Your staff inform you that if NATO mobilises all its assets and with the help of Mexico and China 99% of the US population can be saved.

You consider the options and come up with the following.

Do you:

a. Stay up to watch it live with your staff in the MOD main building


b. Set your video to record it.

What would ARRSErs choose?
Neither.... I'd watch the 1st series of shameless as I'm doing now! LOL
Similiar..... set in Manchester so there are a lot of similarities to Faludscha! :)


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How exactly did you come up with this scenario?


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The pentagon wont be informed, but the rest of Nato, Mexico and china are, and able to save 99% of the population...surely if you told the pentagon as well, the remaining 1% would be saved too...Plus is it really a good idea to withhold that kind of informnation from a country that can obliterate the rest of the world? I would imagine they would be a bit upset that their allies withheld that kind of information...

I think Crack must have been involved in this one...
No telly accounts. I'd need something descriptive so I'd send a message to that septic on here [think his name is Tripwire] and ask him to send me an update after its happened.

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