you are smelly ballscak

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by StevieW, Nov 9, 2007.

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  1. yep u are
  2. StevieW unfortunately the issue seems to be that Glasgow have employed one person to do all promotions for the whole of the Army.

    Seems to be a case of wait out although some leaning on your clks to at least raise a useless I Support may help.

    Good luck.

  3. Have you told your CoC about this? Your OC should be able to add a bit of clout. 7 Months seems a bit long.

    I don't think you can claim your charges back. You were being paid for your previous rank, then were promoted. Admittedly you haven't been paid what you are entitled, but you seem seem to have been spending more than you have got. ie going in to debt.

    Are there any reasons why, on promotion, your outgoings would increase?
  4. Like choc frog says there would be no entitlement to refund your bank charges unless you have had to make significant extra expenditure due to your new rank. Whilst this problem is being sorted your FSA should pay you the difference each month in cash and hold the payments in the suspense account until your pay is sorted then - if this is done as an EPIC it will come off your pay in the following month which would only make the problem worse.

  5. We have had numerous of these, the easiest solution we found was going directly to the Desk Officer at Glasgow and normally rectified within a few days. :D
  6. Current practice is to Pay the difference (only if it is a JPA related problem) on an MOD F 300, although it states that these are only to be used for advances of travel and subsistance we have been told to use them for this purpose, The advantage of using this form is as PW states, they can be held in suspense and processed once the problem has been sorted.

    We had this same issue, and Jockster is correct, there only seems to be 1 guy taking care of these sub promotions, alternatvley, seek authority to grant acting rank, this can be published at unit level if you have the Career Manager role, it is in a BPG, get that backdated and when Sub Rank comes through you have lost nothing.
  7. LJS agreed the way forward would be a 300. The trouble we are having is Acting Rank as we have been told by numerous MCM Divs not to publish Acting Rank at unit level - some units have done so and ballsed it up!

  8. You should have your unit HR Staff raise this up there CoC to the Bde ICT. If they can not change what needs to be done then they will forward this to the JPA Tiger Team. These are the guys that can fix a lot of the problems. When they have changed what ever needs changing then the unit can get JPAC to do a retro on all outstanding credits.
  9. Good idea, I have dealt with the RN Tiger Team at JPAC, we can deal direct with the RN Tiger Team here, our Tiger Team (army) must be contacted by ICT/Bde only, they have the know how to sort this out.