"you are on the Arrse Radar"

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Aleegee1698, Jun 3, 2011.

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  1. A rouge spy, eh? Along no doubt with a lipstick snooper and a mascara private eye.
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  2. Yes, Old Marky up to his old dyslexic tricks again "Beleive in your own destiny"
  3. From his 'Children in her shadow' book review:

    "Enough said, read it and weep is my recommendation. Yes weep you will, tissues are a must and you will feel sad, happy and thankful you did. Can’t wait for the second book Keith….."

    Dont you just love it when someone recommends a book you can have a wank to?
  4. "Inspired by a true Story".................


    Synopsis for my new book
    Posted on May 1, 2011 by markknightauthor

    Here it is, the next in line to write. The synopsis I hope will wet your taste buds and you will love the end product. Plains of Justice will complete early 2012.

    This gritty adventure of will power, passion, loyalty and betrayal will take you to the edge of your seat and beyond – right up to its heart-stopping final moment.

    Mitch Dawson comes from a long line of tough Australian Bushman. The rugged un-forgiving plains that lay between the rocky peaks and steep gullies of the Snowy Mountains around Yaouk, has been his home for the past 22 years. Raised in the saddle by his father Pete, a hardcore mountain man, and on campfire stories passed down from his grandfather of mythical Black Stallions that carry the spirit of dead First World War soldiers killed at Gallipoli, Mitch is a true mountain man. His family have bred cattle and strived to protect the mobs of wild Brumbies for the past 95 years, ever since his grandfather returned from the war. Driven by the need for money, life dramatically changes when Mitch is sent off by his father to find work in the low lands. After weeks of searching for work and on the brink of quitting, Jim Carroll, the son of a Dawson family rival offers Mitch a job as a National Park Ranger. All is well until Mitch discovers that the Park Rangers are not who they seem and he is forced to poison, trap, round up and slaughter hundreds of wild horses. Jim Carroll’s father is behind a corrupt government group who aim to cull the wild horses but keep and sell off the prize Brumby stallions. When Pete Dawson finds out his son has crossed a forbidden line and is trapping horses it sparks a bitter feud, a feud that drives a savage wedge between Mitch, his father and the mountain men of Yaouk. Determined to clear his name, Mitch hatches a solo plan to sabotage the cull and regain his father’s trust. When betrayed by Jim Carroll, Mitch finds himself being attacked and savagely beaten up. Alone, badly injured and outcast by his family and other mountain people, Mitch heads back to the one place he feels safe, the mountains of Yaouk. After weeks wondering the high plains and on the brink of death, he stumbles across an old mountain hut. In his near death state he sees the image of a man known as Brownie Swain. Mitch recalls the stories handed down from his grandfather to his father about Brownie a mythical hardcore bushman who rides the plains on a black stallion. Days later Mitch is found by his own father when leading a group of horse trekkers on a vacation ride. Having recovered from his injuries and reunited with his family, and with the help of his new friends, some of whom are high-powered Corporate Executives and influential business men, the family plots to fight back and expose the Rangers and the few corrupted government officials and save the wild horses from extinction. As Mitch and his father, along with the bushman of Yaouk wage their covert war their reputation spreads, the media soon arrive on scene. The savage war between the Rangers and Bushman on the high plains, is now front page news. As the deadly game of cat and mouse reaches fever pitch, matters take a deadly turn for the worst. Carroll kills one of the horse trekkers and Pete Dawson is seriously injured. Despite the media attention, Mitch vows his revenge, to hunt down and kill Carroll and end the bitter feud. Brownie Swain the mythical Bushman has other ideas?

    Em, "Black Bag the faithful Corporate Executive" saves the day.......................

    Smashwords - About Mark Powell
  5. "A Lawyer, a journalist, and a syndicate of Chinese, British and US Intelligence Agents ". Sounds like the opener to a very old Bernard Manning joke.
  6. No hackneyed stereotypes then, that's good.
  7. Oh fuck.

    Here we go again.
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  8. Oh dear, from (I ll leave all the military experience aside) International Front-end Banker, COIN and Piracy Advisor, and Author of "Faction" to:

    Mark Knight: Scriptwriter & Novelist

    40 Quid an hour Mark? I hope you were nt charging the Shipping companies much more than that. Is that enough for your Los Angeles/Singapore/France Jet-setting?

    Everyone deserves another chance, use it. It helps immensely by sticking to the truth, and that takes no great effort.
  9. From its latest twitters:


    Mr "Knight", my heart pumps purple piss.

    How kind of you to help these unfortunate children, do you want a fucking medal? (that d be a first for you).

    No, you re right, maybe that is one way for you to win back some sympathy from the many people you disappointed with your deceit.


    PS. cant wait until you open www.markknightauthor.com which you purchased on the 19.04.2011.
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  10. Looks like he's using his second chance. It's not as if he's claiming to be ex-serving isn't he.

    Just let go of it and try having a life yourself.
  11. looks like I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.

    Aleegee I get the impression you are not really fond of this chap? We have to move on we cant live in the past

    The Singapore thread, (Steely 1000 Yard stare)I cant talk about the Singapore thread, the horror man the Horror!

    Off on Holiday now. look forward to catching up with the train wreck this will become and the Tierny cliff hanger on the Jerome Sausage thread.

  12. Not exactly the next Louis L'Amour is he?:?
  13. Do you actually know any girls?