You are never to old to look after yourself!


Top bloke. Lucky he was in Germany. In the UK the police would have arrested him and the muggers would want compensation.
Excellent Sir. I will go to bed with a smile on my face. But don't anyone fret, in our old age we'll all get the chance to take on 4 muggers the way things are going in UK.
Tin hat on here:

The arithmetic doesn't work? Probably just bad reporting but I smell fish.
Well done that man!!

Hopefully conscription into the Bundeswehr will one day teach these two little w*****s some repect.
Sadly, there's no hope for our own lawless youth...
Wow, this is the second ancient thread of mine that's been re-opened today........

Have I got a cyber-stalker?
YES! Faustiesblog by the look of it.

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