You Are Canadian? Papers!

Discussion in 'Canada' started by wotan, Apr 5, 2005.

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  1. Apparently the US will announce today that Canadians will need a passport to enter the US effective 31 Dec 05. This is a major change as Canadians have only needed photo ID previously (drivers' licence, etc) and this was reciprocated for Americans entering Canada.

    I know that this is driven purely by security concerns and has nothing to do with the abysmal relations between our Liberal masters and President Bush's administration. Right?
  2. Wotan,

    I do not see a problem with requiring a passport when heading south of the border, it is an eminently sensible security measure.

    At least you aren't required to pay 7 bucks for a visa waiver every time you cross the border, which as a Brit, I am required to pay.

    Still, I understand that it is a p*sser having to organise a civvy passport as you guys usually rely on your CADPAT passport most of the time.
  3. All just a transitional step to the fingerprinting, retinal scans and leaving a DNA sample at the border moves to come...

    US recently denied the Canadian Minister of Defence entry to the US [ good move that, BTW] because he ' matched' another person of the same name on the watch list.. with ' upgraded ' security, this, of course, will never happen again...[ yup ]..

    Anyway.. further screws up me taking rockets across the border to blow up Americans at the 1812 Wargames..will just have to mail them on ahead now, I guess...
  4. "another person".....sure :wink:

    Rocketeer's godwin! :lol:
  5. From what I've been able to gather, US citizens will also require a passport for ID entering Canada, and for returning to the US.
  6. I once drove into the US from Calgary. The female immigration officer at the border was one of the most unpleasant people I have ever met. Horrible woman.
  7. Usually it's the other way around. The stuffed shirts are in Canada Customs.

    Did she turn you down Mushroom?
  8. I wouldn't have f+cked her with yours old son!
  9. In the past 6 months, I have flown to from California to Calgary, 5 times. I also recently went to Egypt. Everytime I've gone through Canadian Customs, I've been torn apart by them. The last time, I was redirected to a "further search area."

    The customs lady there, unpacked everything in my bag, did a forensic test on my laptop computer, where she just couldn't understand "why I was bringing a laptop with me." The fact I am a police officer, made things worse with her. After she found that out, she directed me over to yet another room where I was strip searched.

    On my return home, I was AGAIN redirected to further search, by US Customs. There, when the customs agent saw my police ID and badge, he explained Canadian Customs has me on a "terrorist watch list." Because of the trip to Egypt and my subsequent many trips to Canada. Of course he didn't do what she did and let me go on about my way.

    My point being, I've been to Europe 12 times, including every country in the UK, Austrailia, Japan, China, and Egypt. Canadian Customs was THE WORST I have EVER dealt with.

    I don't see the big problem in having people get passports. If I went through what I did, so can every one else.
  10. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    We came in from Great Falls Montana USA to Canada many years agowith a lad hiding on the floor cos he got mugged and lost his passport, the dick at the crossing was more concerned with a stamp in a passport that said "more beer bigger tits" needless to say the lad got in succesfully
  11. Really Phil you should get a British passport, they seem to be well received except at US immigration.
  12. Mushroom,

    If I could get get a British Passport, I would. Unfortunately, I see no way of doing so. In 9 yrs I retire and my wife and I are planning to live in Wales. I'd love to get one.
  13. With postage due no doubt, LOL!
  14. It's usually a woman agent when something like that happens.
    The Canadian Customs agent is obvioulsy the one who put you on that list. You and your department should challenge it. She should have to answer to it.

    Canada directs it's attention to easy targets such as yourself, a genuine credentialed Police Officer. If you'd have waided ashore escaping from a sinking ship, and carrying no ID at all, you'd have been fine.