You are all nasty b*stards......

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by notmesir, Jun 24, 2004.

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  1. I was recently talking to a newly graduated psychology student. She asked me whether I thought that I was a sarcastic, piss taking wind up merchant as some sort of defence mechanism?!?!? I replied that I was a sarcastic, piss taking wind up merchant because I found it f*cking funny. Her reply was then that I must be just a nasty b*stard. Actually that is a step up from when I was called an ignorant, arrogant, rude, woman hating b*stard who loves himself.
    Does anyone else have any half baked theories of why squaddies are like they are or any stories of civvies just not quite getting it?
  2. It is a defence mechanism I think - if you didn't laugh you'd go mad and all that. Policemen, paramedics and so on have a similar sense of humour.

    After all, if you've just dug some bodies out of a car wreck or interviewed some children in an abuse case you can't afford to really think about what it means, you'd be in a jacket that laces up the back or top yourself fairly quickly. And the same with the Army.

    Civvies (especially ones dopy enough to do psychology rather than a proper subject) tend to exist in a fluffy world where nothing bad ever happens, and don't understand. Now I'm not suggesting we go back to the middle ages with high mother and child mortality, plagues and random slaughter so that the average citizen understands that nasty things do happen - but I bet back then they joked about it in a grim sort of a way.
  3. Indeed my ex is one of those wooly minded liberal types who believes that the world SHOULD be fluffy and where nothing bad ever happens, and so could never fully appreciate that in spite of the best efforts of many bad things do happen and people have to deal with that by using a sharp, harsh, and bleak humour. She was ok with soldiering providing it meant not havig to actually do anything, there was no sort discipline that allowed people to cope within a structured institution, and no-one got hurt. After all we can win wars by tickling the enemy into submission, right?

    I think she would have been well served to have actually seen some of the grim relities of humanity to break her idealistic litlle fantasy world where nobody does anything bad to anybody else and it was those of us in green that just purpetrated the myth so that we could all be harsh and horrible to each other because we are all nasty horrible people and we join up to justify our nasty horribleness.

    Anyway, she's fucked off back to the US now where she can be as wooly minded as she likes.
  4. i think it boils down to the fact that civvies are f**king poofs.
    i wont elaborate , because i'm not a phsycology student.

  5. He's right...we are 8O
  6. Think that says it all......the fount of woollymindedness! :)
  7. Until you become one (again)? :twisted:
  8. oh , I am one now , and it's only reinforced my views , where i work blokes would rather bitch behind each others backs than sort things out with a "square go" behind the skips.....f**king poofs. :wink: :)
  9. don't do any work!
  10. f**k , i've been rumbled , it was only a matter of time though , :roll:
  11. me neither...only come to here to get away from my kid! :wink:
  12. I'LL own up I do F*^k all work. Whats the point you never get any thanks or appreciation for your efforts.
    But back to the thread: If anyone doesn't think we have a sick sense of humour they should see the "If you really had to fill a mass grave" and the "My kids are mini squaddies" threads I thnk that says it all about us :!: :!:
    But in the environment and areas that we operate you need to have this sort of sense of humour otherwise you would end up in the padded cell, and the key would be thrown over the fence :!:
  13. I've been out for 7 years now and I still get moments when the sense of humour clash becomes a problem. The other day, sitting in an incredibly boring meeting the fat, clumpy booted lezzer opposite said that we should meet some time to which I naturally gave her a scared look and asked how she was spelling 'meet' in that sentence. Two other ex army blokes in the meeting creased up and the hairy dyke threatened to leave the meeting and report me to my employer (ex marines and would also have wet himself). Over the years the PC brigade have managed to utterly screw up what was a very nice country to live in, now I can't make the smallest of edgy jokes without somebody coming over all high and mighty. I mean I've been branded a racist for describing someone as black - simply because in a room full of whites that was the quickest way to pick him out. And I don't even work in local government where it's supposed to be worse.

    Coo that feels better - nothing like a rant to steady the nerves.
  14. you become Drill Sergeants on release :lol:
  15. For those in the forces now and those that are ex forces must realise that we are a tribe and the elite tribe and everyone in that tribe has been through the same basic tribal training. We are the best, this gives us the confidence to deal with everything (the nancy civvies think this is arrogance).

    if you ain't in or been in "my" tribe, well .........

    To all in the NAAFI Bar now, Raise your glasses, Ladies, Gentlemen, Officers, NCO's and Other Ranks......and toast the TRIBE