You all work sooo hard - and we are laughing at you :)

Discussion in 'REME' started by TiffyEasyLife, Jan 17, 2006.

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  1. First line, second line. You are all working your guts out.

    But we sit back here in the DLO and DPA and we are laughing our nuts off at you all.

    We sit in the comfort of our internet enabled desks watching you all come in asking for help and actually expecting it. It is so funny seeing you lot expect the civil servants or even us to bother our asses. Suckers.

    Whilst you lot are out there working hard we are trying our best to complete our degrees and do our many courses. Not to mention the adventure training and LE applications.

    So do us a favour, leave us alone in future so we can get on with our 4 year ressettlement plans. Thanks :)

    Suckers. :twisted:
  3. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    What exactly was the point of that original post? Everyone knows that 1st and 2nd Line do the work, and that the daily effort expended / slack time ratio increases exponentially the further back you go.

    Go tell someone who doesn't know.
  4. My experience is that rather than laughing at the grafters, a fair majority of people at DLO/DPA are trying to do their jobs. There are however exceptions to any rule. This post seems to be a bit of a troll to get remfy types biting; probably set up by some non-tiffy scrote who's bitter and twisted due to being binned off his PAAB for wearing a plaid skirt. Where's that "oxygen thief" Avatar, Mod?

    As for the remfy types comment, remember we're all only a posting order away from slipper city. So let he without slippers cast the first, er, slipper.
  5. What a welcome first post.
    Knob Jockey! Ha ha
  6. Fu*k!!!!! Someone thinks we work for a living. What a Knosher.

    How the hell are we supposed to fit production in around all the other very interesting daily tasks???????
  7. The sooner ball bags like you finish resettlement the better.

  8. Ballocks I fed the Troll!!

  9. TEL, fair point. But I wish every NAAFI break you chew the cud with the other desk jockeys wishing you were us.
  10. DLO & DPA!!!! Who in their right mind would ask to go there never mind being forced there unless they were complete dullards and wanted to try and sh*g every married/single bit of skank that there is knocking about in those geeky street cafs. Resettlement plans or not I know of quite a few who have succombed to the backwater life of DLO/DPA and then come unstuck due to extra-marital relations.
    you'll find it hard to resettle when your ex-missus has robbed half your pension and gratuity then the bint realises how dull you are and skint and looks for the next unsuspecting REMF!

    Not bitter and twisted at all.
  11. BF... you trying to tell us something?
  12. WarpDriveEngaged are you back?? C0ck!!
  13. How long until this thread is in the Arrsehole....??

    The clock starts.........................!!!

  14. no vermin (aptly named you pr*ck) that wasnt me and am not that fond of the ivory tower dwelling DLO boys myself .....but at least i know what DLO stands for which i doubt you do as its probably not in warlord

    seems you have missed me .........sorry but i had to pop out unlike you who only leads your men on guide ...sorry i meant annual camp

    my friend tells me that you recount a lot of the stories on here in your TAC........... you very shallow person

    i realise that your ego needs you to maintain your drill hall reputation but may i suggest,, or even as sites far more suited to you