Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by devilish, Oct 2, 2006.

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  1. Just read somwhere that FoS has a degree attached once course is completed.

    Is there anything similar with regards to YoS?
  2. Pointless now, they're binning the YofS and Supvr IS in 2012. They're knocking the FofS up to a BSc (Hons) and then when commissioned they will all get a guaranteed MSc place on the CISM course after their first tour as a TOT. All part of Royal Signals professional development y'see!

    Only joking, but I bet they've considered it! :wink:
  3. No, but W+
  4. Ever the pedant, thanks for that...
  5. YofS qualifies as a BSC

    Bronze Swimming Certificate.
  6. You have real issues with the lack of an 'f' don't you :p

    Bet you're one of those "Don't call me Sir(or Staff) i'm a Yeoman" types eh?
  7. As in "Yo, man", innit, word...
  8. If I could ever find the post when I was corrected - bloomin eck is was a detailed post.... although the corps YofS ID'd himself by including 95% of his arrse post in a letter he sent me a few days latter...... :twisted:
  9. YofS = HND at present there are plans to upgrade to Foundation Degree
  10. Thanks timebandit.