Yorkshires premier military "style" band

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by thefireband, Oct 5, 2011.

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  1. Yorkshires Premier Military “Style Band”


    Are You an Ex Military Musician?
    Can You Play a Brass / Woodwind or Percussion Instrument?
    Would you like to perform in a Military Style Band without the Commitments of Service Life?
    Would You Like to perform in a dedicated band who strives for professional standards?

    The West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service Band, is Yorkshire's Premier “Military Style” Concert band, based in HQ West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service at Birkenshaw, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD11 2DY. The Band is proud to represent and wear the uniform of one of the national Emergency Services and boasts some 30+ musicians from all walks of life. There are only four “Military Style” Fire Service bands in the country, but West Yorkshire has the good fortune of also having one of the Services’ Pipe Bands.

    The Band is primarily a Concert Band playing all the Military favourites but we are always trying new music to enhance the bands performance and ability. We have members from all walks of life from Ex Military Musicians, Ex fire Officers, Police, Teachers, Builders, Office workers, Parents, Students, you name it and your all very welcome. We also perform as a Ceremonial Marching band for parades or Displays as well as Brass and Woodwind quintets, a Fanfare Team and a Dixie Band. We would like to start a Pop group and have a Corps of Drums to Lead us on Parade.

    Although The Band asks That you commit fully to engagements and Rehearsals we do understand that members employment is their primarily commitment, we just ask that you give all you can and give us as much notice as possible when you are unable to attend.

    The Band tries to have a tour or trip each year, sometimes it’s the other end of the UK and sometimes its, Canada, Poland, Ypres.

    The Band is run by a like minded Management team and all members have an input to the direction of the band and all ideas are considered.

    If you are an ex Military Musician and would like to keep playing in this style or a Wife, Husband, Partner of a Military Player and would like to show them you can also do it, Or a Brass Band player that wants to spread their wings and try something new, why not give us a try.

    The Band is well established with a good Library of music!

    If you are interested please Contact either:

    Email: team@thefireband.co.uk
    Tel: Kevin on 07768261302

    We meet on a Monday Evening 1930-2200 and we look forward to meeting you.

    Many Thanks for reading
    The Team
    The West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service Band
  2. Are you planning on going on strike soon ?
  3. The West Yorkshire Fire Band has two Charity Concerts coming up!

    31St March
    Morley Town Hall - Around the World in 80 Mins of music
    Tickets £7 from web site

    21St April Concorde Suite Droylsden, Manchester - Concert in Memory of guardsman Neil Tony Downes
    Tickets £5 and a collection on the night.

    We have a tour to Ypres this Year and Canada next Year.
    Players Welcome If you are interested please Contact either:

    Email: team@thefireband.co.uk
    Tel: Kevin on 07768261302

    We meet on a Monday Evening 1930-2200 and we look forward to meeting you.

    Many Thanks for reading
    The Team
  4. More premier than The Yorkshire Volunteers Band? Tracing its existence to 1860, it was a pukka Military Band until SDR in 1998, whence it ceased to be on the Army ORBAT. Still going strong. The Yorkshire Volunteers Band

    Military Band Walts. Why not style yourselves as what you are - a Fire Brigade band.
  5. Putteesinmyhands I fully agree the Yorkshire Volunteers Band is a great Band, Played alongside them many times.

    If you read my ad you will see it reads "Yorkshire's Premier “Military Style". Military Style as we do Marching, Concert, Groups just as the words Military Bands states in an encyclopaedia.

    The Yorkshire Vols is a Military Band, although they are no longer Corps of Army Music, they still have permission to wear the exact uniform that they wore when they were and still hold their band room from them good old days!!

    But Yorkshires Premier Military band is The Heavy Cavalry and Cambrai Band!!
  6. Plus net band, is our friends from Harrogate and I am sure they will be happy your helping promote them.

    Concert in Memory of Neil Tony Downes has less than 100 tickets left.
  7. Tickets for the concert in memory of Tony Downes are nearly all gone, with less than 50 left.

    I still have space for bands to play during the day. We are trying to get that old carnival feeling back. We have groups playing from 1130-1600.
    If you band choir is free and would like to fill some or all of the slot from 1000 - 1130 pls contact me ASAP.

    1/2 of what is collected whilst your playing is for Help for Heroes and half for you bands/Groups own funds.
  8. The Band are performing in Aid of The RBL again on 14th Oct in Cleckheaton Town Hall.

    Come follow the Band.
  9. Do you pay travel expenses for practice nights?
  10. Hi Bushmils we dont pay playing members exspences.
  11. The West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service Band was honored to be asked o Lead the Yorkshire Regiment on their last two freedom parades under the 3rd battalion Colors. The day ended as they lay up their colors for the last time in Halifax minster.

    The CO thanked the band for their splendid performance and looks forward to hearing us again soon.
  12. thefireband, yes you did well on Saturday with a bit help from Humberside Police Band an ex Duke Band sergeant was on parade.
  13. BANDSMAN69 your right we did, the MD of The Police band plays with us and we (as a lot of bands do) have a close working relationship.

    Do you still play?