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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by loggie-boy, Apr 1, 2007.

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  1. You can probably guess from my moniker which bit of the TA I'm currently in. I'm a bit bogged down in my current role however, and am looking for a fresh challenge. Is there anybody out there who has been/is in or has worked with 4 Yorks and can let me know what the unit is like. I was in the Infantry before and quite fancy a bit more of the green stuff.
    I'd be particularly interested in anyone who some experience of the anti-tank platoon. Cheers.
  2. Well there is me for a start. Plus Yorkshire Warrior is here as well. No knowledge of anti-tank though, just the infantry side.

    What is it you want to know? What sort of training are you after?

    As for the Timothy Taylors- I distinctly remember getting a lot of the free stuff for rememberence parades etc. Bless you sir! :D
  3. Wrong side of the Hills for my taste.

    Don't you lot eat you're own babies?
  4. Cheers birduk. I was just looking for general impressions. Is the unit well run etc. Is the trg generally good. I fully appreciate the need to avoid any public slagging but was just after getting some general vibes about the Regt. I have been in the TA and while and have seen some very good units and some not so good....
  5. I was talking to a regular ATO in Poland last year. Without prompting he told me that he had been with the volunteer Bn of the Yorks on exercise in Rumania (or somewhere) and that he was highly impressed by them.

    The old 1 Yorks of blessed memories (1967-1993) was generally regarded as being one of the best TA Bns, though there are not many from that Bn still serving.
  6. You have mail!
  7. 4 Yorks is based upon Billy Smart's Big Top Circus.

    Having spent 3 years serving with them I "left" last June but due to the admin vortex that is RHQ I am still knawing at the trapped limb to get away.

    Due the problems they have cause my men and I, I implore you to find a unit - ANY unit - which is not part of this eternal Benny Hill sketch.
  8. Me thinks someone is a bit upset about being sent to the Geordies.

    Maybe we should be asking why their is only one TA Yorks Bn, we have the same population as Scotland yet they have two TA Bns
  9. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Or the wrong way round, perhaps? Why are there two Infantry Bns for Sotland, when Yorkshire has one?
  10. Why walk? Swap your bergen for a BV and join the Yeomanry. Mind you, I shouldn't expect any less of an admin vortex.
  11. For Sigs its roughly the same (one regt each).
  12. On the contrary, the running of the Bn (and D Coy) is far superior to anything Ponte/York had to offer and I (and most of my men) feel that we have achieved more in terms of unit cohesion since becoming 5RRF then in the whole time I was with EWRR.

    I am still, to this day, blighted by the admin vortex - almost every single admin problem that we have had over th past 9 months has originated from York and/or Wakefield's 299 RE (with the odd grenade thrown by 38 Sigs).

    The Fuzzies may have thier quirks, but at least things get done!

    With respect to another TA Bn in the North, I agree, we should have another and as D (RIFLES) Coy is already 50% over strength roll on 8 RIFLES...

  13. Try www.4para.com for airborne infantry - locations in 12 Company at Pudsey, Hebburn and St Helens.
  14. Hardly suprising. The Bn is the result of the cap badge politics of the 90's. Historicaly West Yorkshire provided 50% of all the TA infantry units in Yorkshire. Yet the formation of EWRR was all about having relevant cap badge in the correct part of Yorkshire to aid recruitment of the regular regiments (not the TA).
    Its now got the one badge and a number of its major cities (Sheffield, Leeds, Bradford) don't have a Yorks capbadge.

    p.s. What grenade did they throw, I hear one is doing ok.
  15. Both are doing OK.

    A few problems have cropped up over the past few months although they appear to have been delt with. One of these is discussed in an another thread.