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Discussion in 'OTC' started by strut_jack, Mar 28, 2012.

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  1. Whilst trawling through the RAOL I spotted a vacancy at Yorkshire UOTC which was a bit of a new one on me, but after a spot more research I see that it is the amalgam of Leeds and Sheffield UOTCs, undertaken for reasons of 'efficiency', rather in the style of Wales UOTC I suppose.

    But all that aside my question is this, what has this newly formed 'County' UOTC taken as its capbadge?

    I'm guessing a complete break from the individual badges of Leeds and Sheffield. Is there a rose in the design perchance?
  2. I think they are now called Officer Training Regiment (OTR).

    Not sure what badge they will wear on their berets though.
  3. Both contingents have kept their respective cap badges & stable belts.

    MSUOTC & Liverpool UOTC have formed North West OTR, it's a trial of the recommendations from the Rosskelly report into the UOTC. It will no doubt spread across the others (bar special ones ie London etc).
  4. Only a matter of time before all UOTCs/OTRs are issued with the RMAS capbadge surely...?
  5. On a side note ive got recommendations to go to a phase 1 establishment as an instructor, do the UOTC's take on regular staff as DS?
  6. msr

    msr LE

  7. Gorilla, yes they do and there will be a few vacancies at each come June/July. Leeds / Sheffield are now LUOTC/SUOTC within YOTR. The pilot scheme is poor and has largely been disbanded this year. A money saving scheme that saw 500 OCdts at a time crammed into Wathgill/Warcop and stretched the staff to breaking point
  8. I could be wrong but I think the cap badge is a sphinx.
  9. A fine body of men and women.
  10. Gorilla, agreeing to muke, they do take on regs as DS, you can take postings as an SPSI , PSI , Instructor or like a Plt Sgt.

    They run the OTC / OTR in the same way as the TA, except they do a hell of a lot more drinking !

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  11. Leed's cap badge is actually a greek sphinx yes despite the entire unit believing it is a gryphon and referring to every exercise as Gryphon's X
  12. The Gryphon would make sense as Leeds University sports teams are known as 'The Gryphons'.
  13. The Gryphon would make sense as Leeds University sports teams are known as 'The Gryphons'.
  14. I like it when the OTC are in, we get to letch at the ladeees
  15. google says it should be Sphinx but some students got it wrong in 1897 and it got stuck as Gryphon ever since.