Yorkshire Three Peaks

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by MrNurse, Mar 6, 2010.

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  1. Howdo.

    I'm thinking of doing the yorkshirwe three peaks with a few people in june by ourselves not an organised event or suchlike. Just wondered if anybody had done it before and had any tips or advice etc as none us are in particuarly experienced with this sort of thing
  2. Go for it, the walk isn't particularly difficult unless you push yourself with speed/weight. The Pen-Y-Ghent cafe acts as a convenient start/finish point with a free clocking in/out service, so that you can time yourself and as a safety net should you not return to clock in. There is normally plenty of parking there too as well as plenty of good pubs nearby.
  3. done it many times over the years.

    the clocking in system isnt used as a safety net now as so many people neglect to clock back in again on finishing.

    the walk itself is one of my favourites.

    From the carpark its fairly easy going straight towards Penyghent which looks a lot higher than it actually is

    each peak is unique and of the three i prefer Penyghent. the views from the top are superb.

    the section from Penyghent to Whernside is now very boggy and is curently the focus of a conservation project to build raised walkways over much of it. on my last visit this hadnt been completed but this was a few years go.

    Whernside i have always found boring with only the views of Penyghent and Ingleborough to recommend it.

    from whernside to ingleborough the way is easy going with a bit of a steep climb to get to the top.i recommend having your lunch at the Old Hill Inn near Chapel Stile village before you take on Ingleborough. excellent pub with a great selection of real ales.

    Ingleborough to penyghent cafe is an easy descent

    comfortable pace it took me about 6 hours.
  4. I did it in the 70's as part of the DoE awards. The following week I was back as part of Juniors map reading training and, on the last hill, when the clouds closed in and reduced visibility to a couple of yards, told the 6 other guys with me that I knew the way and to follow me. They hadn't been on my previous DoE.

    We ended up 5 miles from Lancaster.

    Not my finest hour(s).
  5. Used to have family living a few miles away from Ingleton down in Bentham so did the three peaks quite regular, great scenary so take your cameras. As said can get boggy at different times of the year but should be ok in June, just expect sudden weather changes. Ingleborough can get a bit of a scramble dependant on which side you come up but great to tab or run.

    If you get chance whilst up in the area go visit Devils bridge in Kirby Longsdale aswell
  6. I remember this Cafe well .... you could get a Pint Mug of tea there .... when I did the Pennine Way a few years ago ( 1996 ) I drank two pints after covering the section from Malham to Horton in Ribblesdale . In my Wainright Guide which I used I had recorded the climb up to Penyghent from the South as steep , very steep , vertical .

    Had some years before that done the Three Peaks and agree with another post the view from Penyghent is the best .

    Edited to add in 1996 .
  7. :D