Yorkshire Ripper 'To Die In Prison'

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Ritch, Jul 16, 2010.

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  1. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    it's a point that needs to be hammered home.

    incidentally, why the name change? did he think people would just forget about what he'd done under the name sutcliffe?
  2. Good..... nuff said
  3. Maybe someone in Broadmoor would be good enough to supply him with some rope and help to save us the pain of paying for his board and lodging for the next few years.
  4. I'd rather it was, "Yorkshire Ripper to die in a Gas Chamber, giving a blow job to Mr Zyklon B."

    Just have to hope another con finishes the job and sticks a pen through his other eye and into his brain....
  5. They didn't give him chance to appeal as this isn't what this case has been about. Every prisoner has the right to know what their tariff is before they can be considered for parole. Sutcliffe wasn't given this information. As he has every right to know what his tariff actually is he's now been told. And that's that he has a whole life tariff and he'll die in prison.

    He never was going to be released after a judgement in this case. Even if he'd been told his tariff expired after 30yrs he'd still have to apply for parole after that time. As he's currently detained in a high secure hospital even if he managed to persuade the medics there that he was no danger he'd have to step down through a medium secure and then low secure settings, a process that would take a number of years to complete.

    The tabloids have completely mis-represented what all this was about.
  6. He's still costing the taxpayer money! Can someone speed the process up a bit, preferably with his own hammer.
  7. "Every prisoner has the right to know what their tariff is before they can be considered for parole"

    Sutcliffe should have NO RIGHTS, he should have been swinging by the neck after being found guilty in a court of law.
  8. A big bottle of parecetamol and a glass of water should be placed in his cell every night.
  10. I think the problem was that he wasn't told that. His name wasn't on the whole life list that was published a few years ago and I believe this is what triggered the court action that finished today.

    BTD, the argument over whether he should or shouldn't have these rights is a separate one. The simple fact is that he DOES have this right and therefore the system has a duty of care towards him to provide him with the information, which it has now done.
  11. Good riddance... the SOB is a darn good argument for reinstating the death penalty.
  12. You off a few brass's in an attempt to clean up the streets and this is the level of thanks you get?
  13. Sodium Chlorate injections are quite cheap, or so I have heard.

  14. I think that you'll find Peter's 'ball pein' hammer was more cost effective.