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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by jack-flash, Aug 14, 2008.

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  1. Is anyone in the yorkshire Regiment 4th battalian? That is the Regiment I am considering joining. After all it is my natural home. Gods own Regiment and all that. :D

    I would appreciate a bit of info about the regiment if anyone is. Where it is, what they are usually involved in. How many TA lads go for that one etc etc. Pm would be ok if you prefer. Cheers lads.
  2. Hello mate,

    Information on locations etc. can be found on the link posted above.

    It's a good Battalion, you could certainly do alot worse. The Ex's are good, a nice variety throughout the year. We usually get 2 weekends per month training at either Battalion or Company level.

    The Battalions quite busy with alot of blokes on tour, and with 2 YORKS up and coming Herrick tour it's likely to get busier.

    Any specific questions feel free to ask.

  3. Thanks lads. First of I am trying to find locations. I can see that 4th battalion is york, but I believe there are detachments all over yorkshire. is that right? I am trying to find the nearest one to Sheffield.

    Also, the commitments Iam told are three hours a week. one weekend a month and two weeks a year, basic. What is covered on those three hours a week?

    I appreciate you will have been asked all this a million times and I appreciate you taking the time to answer mate. :D

  4. Hello mate, Sheffield is at Endcliffe Hall in Fulwood, we share camp with some medics.

    Your right on the commitments, but as we're infantry you also put alot of time into your fitness in your own spare time.

    The three hours on a Tuesday is spent on Fitness, and 1 lesson which varies from week to week. It could be weapons handling, patrol reports etc.

    Hope that helps,

  5. Just to add, if your traveling by bus to get there.

    Get the number 40 from the bus station in Sheffield. Tell the driver to let you off at Endcliffe Vale Road - follow the big red signs that say "TA Centre".

  6. I'm in 4Yorks mate.
    Been in a few weeks, got nothing but praise for it so far (besides having my 2nd issue of kit, and still waiting for my 1st ? but thats just nitpicking)
    - go for it!

  7. I'll be driving mate. But thanks anyway.
  8. Was same in the specials mate. Getting kitted out took ages and then no locker so had to take it all home for a while. How much kit do you get and is there storage for it?

    You've been in a few weeks, what you been up to so far.
  9. Can I get a lift then? :twisted:
  10. Ahh yes, and just to plug recruitment abit more.

    Both this year and last year our annual camps has been in America training with the Yanks, the year before last we had Cyprus. And also this year we have the opportunity to go to Canada with 3 YORKS for 3 weeks.

    Theres no shame in using OTXs to boost recruitment...

  11. If I get in mate and you are not too far away something can be sorted.

    I thought a fit army type like you would just tab it in with a 20ILb bergen on his back. :)
  12. Touché....