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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by jk82, Jul 24, 2010.

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  1. I was curious if anybody had any idea when the Yorkshire Battailions are due to deploy next (approximately). Thank you.
  2. Any particular regiment? Next question- why?
  3. They are the regiment which I am applying to for selection so I am naturally curious about them and would like to gather as much information as possible for both my own interest and as an aid during the interview process. I am not so much concerned with a specific battalion and frankly would like as much information as possible about all three of them.

    I had read a report on the BBC that a single company from 1st Battalion is due to Afghanistan next year, although they did not specify when specifically that deployment would begin. If someone could confirm this I would appreciate it as would I appreciate added information concerning the rest of the battalions.

    Please understand that I don't mean to pry, nor is it my intention to solicit information which might injurious to the British interest. If my questions are inappropriate please let me know.

    I believe learning as much as I can about the past, current and future operations of the Regiment will help me significantly in the recruitment process. Ensuring that I am better informed, specifically on my chosen Regiment in addition to generalized information about the Infantry, will make me far more valuable as a potential member of the regiment than if I simply focus exclusively on the infantry as a whole. Similarly, if I am to be granted the privilege of serving with the Yorkshire Regiment I believe that looking ahead to where each of the Battalions will be when I have (hopefully) completed my training at ITC Catterick will allow me to better prepare mentally for what might lay ahead.
  4. The full 1st btn is going around October time next year as part of 20 brigade
  5. Fcukin hell !! Chill out pal.
  6. you should have an idea about the battalion you want to join ie your local recruiting area before you turn up for your interview and know a bit about the battalion and their antecedent regiments history (PWO/GH/DWR).
  7. Good drills jk 82, Good to see that you are going in prepared for your interview, and boning up on your chosen regiments history will show you are keen to make a good impression and have a bit of nous about you. :D
  8. 2nd Battalion is due to move into the theatre reserve role in Cyprus as of next August, so if you get posted to 2 YORKS expect to be in and out of Afghan for that time period, usually in a manoeuvre role as well instead of groundholding. Always more interesting.
  9. 3Yorks will be deploying in 2012.
  10. Nothing to do with the question, Just wondered if anyone has any opinion on whether i should go 1 yorks or 2 yorks?

    Any differences or whether one does more operations than the other etc???
  11. All the battalions have areas in Yorkshire that they have traditionally recruited from...you dont have to choose this battalion but it makes sense to be in your local battalion and if there arent enough places they will just send you to your local bn anyway. where are you from?
  12. doesnt work like that any more, recruits get sent to what ever btn needs them at that time, unless they have family in a certain btn who can claim them, but some times they do get to go the btn they choose if there lucky.
  13. I was just curious to learn more about the theater reserve role based out of Cyprus. How much time in Afghanistan do battalions in this role get and under what circumstances would they have the opportunity to participate in the deployment? Really any information about this would be greatly appreciated.
  14. At ease soldier, you're not impressing anyone with unnecessarily formal language ;)
  15. ISTR that jk82 is one of those commonwealth chappies.