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Yorkshire Regiment PRI Bloke ?


Book Reviewer
Hi guys,

if you ARE or know the PRI bloke from Yorks Regt plse contact Bossy Boots - she's after a DWR tie.


Don Cabra


Book Reviewer
Undercrackers said:
Try this link to help you out if your not happy with your pay
???? beats the hell out of me mate....you win, I give up :? ...WTF has yr post to do with the price of haddock ? Or are you really a zombie WWW android replicant whose on/off switch only remains open by big-upping this lotto scam without reading what went before ?

Goodness me! Talk about threads going off topic!

Anyway Bossy - if you can just check your PMs you'll find apotential contact there although not sure how much use he will be.


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