Yorkshire Regiment No 2 Dress

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Quinny1, Jul 16, 2013.

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  1. Hi, I'm a SGT in the ACF and I've recently being looking for a set of no 2's. My detachment is badged The Yorkshire Regiment and I was wondering what do I need for a complete set of no 2's?
  2. Flea bay mate.

    There's some decent suppliers on there that'll get you anything.

    I nearly had to buy my FAD on there as our clothing store man was away on the summer solstice or something.
  3. I suspect that he's not asking about where he can get them, rather what comprises YR FAD.

    Jacket, trousers, shirt and tie are pretty much a given, but what about boots (colour?), sash, lanyard, hat etc.
  4. Isn't Combats the *only* correct order of dress for Cadets?
  5. Ebay do medals also so you can get the full look right.....
  6. ACF will issue you "No 2's" or FAD as it is now called if you are needed to wear it. Cadet Adult Instructors can wear FAD only at the express permission of their Comandant and only for ceremonial duties (Rememberance day, Armed Forces Day etc), if you are wanting to "buy" some then you are wanting to Walt, and no one likes a walt, dont be "that" guy. Also, point of order, you're not a Sgt at all, you are an SISergeant is a British Army rank and is the step into seniority within the corps/arm you have served in for several years, it is a management position and takes a lot of hard work and, usually, a rigorous selection process. Sergeant Instructor is the inital "rank" that a Adult Instructor is given when they join (after potential instructor) and requires nothing more than attending a week long ITC that you can not fail unless you walk off, it is the cumulation of nothing and means nothing more than you are qualified to teach children the basic, 1 star and 2 star syllabus on the AFC training program. Please don't cheapen the good work you do within the ACF by becoming an out and out Walt
  7. Invite this beastly cad to Trent Bridge and thrash his cowardly bottom.

    Once roundly trounced he'll see the error of his ways.

    If he turns up. His mum might be busy.
  8. That's not a lanyard, yons lead fe tha whippet.