Yorkshire Regiment - New TRF?



Thought I'd bang this in here, rather than the QM's.

Does anybody know of a new TRF creeping in for us Yorkies? Asked around at my unit after I saw a Lance-Jack cutting about town with what I saw as a TRF that looked about half the size, a deeper green background (More like the colour on our stable belt) with an enlarged rose. Noboby seemed to know sod all about it, though.

So is this a new one?
Or perhaps it's just a case of one too many boil-washes...

Thanks in advance.
is this it


Could it have been an Int Corps one????? - I cant tell the difference (no offence meant but I am clearly neither In Corps or Yorks)
The original flashes were the wrong shade green but they were used rather than waste the money and embarrass they chap who ordered them.

I think this is the one proposed
This is probably it? Being a sub county of Lancashire it would make sense :lol: :wink:


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