Yorkshire Regiment headgear

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by polar, Jun 24, 2005.

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  1. Heard the new Yorkshire regiment will exchange berrets for flat caps. The reasoning behind it, is to encourage a 'Yorkshire/Regimental' ethos in the battalions. So come the next cuts they would be able to generate much popular support among Yorkshire population (like the Scots did) to prevent the new 3rd Bn from being cut.

    Sounds like a wind up to me, what next a whippet as Bn mascot or Ilkley moor ba tat played at mess functions in place of the national anthem (?? it was/is)
  2. The 1st Bn wanted ferrets as mascots. In fact they've been wanted since adam was a lad and I was in Bagdad when you were in yers dads bag :)
  3. Thought Flat Caps where for Geordeis and Mackums only.
  4. Why not? Dont the D&D play the Worzels? 8O
  5. eeee! Tha's Nowt s'queer as folk Tha knows.
  6. "Ah'll tell ee"
  7. Not Yorkshire Terriers?

    And the Yorkshire Vols wanted their regimental band to be Brass only :D

    Rumours about 3 DWR doing male stripper shows are totally untrue.
  8. When a Coy of 1 Green Howards supported the Irish Guards BG in Bos a few years ago the Micks referred to them as Dingles, cos they were theiving Yorkshire inbreeds. The OC never worked out why everyone called him Zac.
  9. I remember seeing a 1 PWO front page of Soldier with their regimental mascots, Imphal and Quebec - good wind up, including numbers and ranks and Questions in Parliament!
  10. Not a wind up mate, The WOII seen walking Imphal and Quebec is a very good mate of mine, Of course I ripped the piss, only to find he was deadly serious!!
  11. The ferrets live in a nice little hut outside of the guardroom, i am always seeing them when i am up somme barracks doing jobs.