Yorkshire Regiment Emblems?

Im new here so if this is in the wrong section my apologies.
Basically my dad is into collecting medals and I recently went with him to one of the fairs. Ive now started a project for his Christmas present. Im making a large display frame with the Yorkshire cap badges/arm titles etc

The problem Ive got is I dont know how many badges there are I have a few but Im guessing theres going to be quite a lot I was just wondering whether or not theres some sort of list (with pictures would be ideal) of all the badges for Yorkshire dating from about WW1 (his main area of interest) The reason its Yorkshire only is because he was born in Keighly so thats usually what hes on the hunt for.

Any info I could get would be brilliant
Badges are very collectable so can get expensive if you want a display of them. Your best bet might be to get 'restrike' badges - these are basically new badges made in the same way as the originals. The thing to avoid is paying 'original' prices for restrike badges.

Here's one dealer that clearly identifies the restrikes, though there are others (I'm not on commission): Regimental Badges of Yorkshire

There are only photos for a few of them but you can always Google the regiments' names. Bear in mind that the Regiments have been chopped, changed and combined a lot over the years - here's a summary from Wikipedia.

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