Yorkshire pikeyness!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Oct 29, 2008.

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  1. Spanish Dave and I have been invited to a Black tie function in November, part of the continued Holiday4Heroes profile raising etc etc.

    At first it was assumed it was a suit and tie number so a quick check on Regtl ties and cufflinks showed we were both hot to trot.

    I then got the nod that its a black tie affair. Not being concerned for myself, being a Bond type, suave and debonair chap oozing panache and style I passed on the news to our Resident property in the sun finding site sponsor. ''Fuckinell..... I'll have to hire one"

    This morning the phone rang, a funny tone due to the call originator coming from the third world.

    Dave: 'Aaaaaaaaayyyee up maaaate, thaaa's got thee a foookin dinna soooot'

    Me: Cracking mate.....

    Dave: Aye.... Fookin Ebay..... 4. 99..... chuffed to fcuk!!!!

    Me: I'm telling the world you tight fisted Yorkshire pikey :D

    I thought I'd share with the NAAFI before dropping an email to the host of the function to see if it can be announced during the evenings entertainment that Stig of the Dump is dining with us :D

    Anyone else got any tales of miserly Yorkshiremen?
  2. John Noakes. It's a well known fact in the Dales that he'd scoff Shep off, gulping down the salty product, as it was 'Reet good for thou and cheap as chips'
  3. As a Yorkshireman, I take offense to this.

    We're not all tight fisted, I personally buy my suits from Oxfam as not only does it save me money for my Whippets dog food - it also gives little Ulu Badacka a chance at surviving the next week or two before he's carved up and eaten by the local Militia.
  4. As per usual with Ebay sellers, its probably costing him more in postage costs to get it sent to him!!! 8O
  5. Yorkshire people are just tight fisted Lancashire people.

    All Northerners are utterly pointless.

    Visiting Yorkshire is like a Falklands Conflict re-enactment society. Leeds is just like Port Stanley but bigger and not by the seaside.
  6. Probably looks like this:


    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  7. Obviously Flashy, our fine culture and proud herritage is too much for a Southern poof to handle!

    I don't blame you, you're dangerously close to France some of it is bound to be in the air where you are!
  8. Fine culture? proud heritage??

    What, like sticking t' ferrets down t' trousers? 8)
  9. I happen to find the sensation of a Ferret nibbling on my banjo string rather arousing.

    I wouldn't expect you to understand.
  10. Damn straight!

    Oddball 8O
  11. Flash..... You are from Anglesey..... No need to say anymore.

    Fish fcuker

  12. No, but you fuck men.

    Proof positive that northerners are weird.
  13. I once asked a guy who'd been to the opening of a new bar in Hull what he thought of it. £2 a pint he said, doesn't matter what it's like no-ones going to pay £2 a pint are they? That was about a year ago.
  14. Oi! I resent any accusation that links Lancashire to those sheep molesting, kiddy fiddling, tight fisted cnuts!
  15. Just to clarify, Northern men who shag other men are a distinct minority.
    Even sheep are more popular than other men for sexual gratification