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Yorkshire crowds cheer soldiers before deployment

Ministry of Defence said:
Soldiers from The Yorkshire Regiment received huge receptions during hometown parades in North Yorkshire this week ahead of their deployment to Cyprus as the UK reserve battalion for operations in Afghanistan.

The headline is Yorkshire crowds cheer soldiers before deployment. Just out of interest what's the chance of this lot actually deploying to Afghanistan?
It's good to know that the centralised command and single HQ of the Yorkshire Regiment ensured that while 2 Yorks were marching through the streets, 3 Yorks hadn't a clue that it was going on and there wasn't a single recruitment stand to be seen. Anyone would think that there was still cap badge tribalism between the regi.. battalions.
Excellent morning. The old and bold were out in force and there was many an old friendship renewed. The turnout of locals on a wet Wednesday morning was good to see.

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