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Yorkshire born, Yorkshire bred ...

A Yorkshire guy is travelling around the Greek Islands. He walks into a bar and by chance is served by a Yorkshire barmaid. She takes his order for a pint of Tetley Bitter & notices his accent.

Over the course of the evening, they get chatting. At the end of her shift he asks if she wants to come back to his place and although she is attracted to him, she says no.

He then offers to pay her £200 to sleep with him. As she is travelling around the world, and is short of funds, she agrees
The next night the guy turns up again, orders Tetley's and after
showing her plenty of attention, asks if she will sleep with him again for £200.

She remembers the payout from the night before and is only too happy to agree This goes on for 5 nights, on the 6th night the guy comes in again, orders Tetley's but goes and sits in the corner.

The barmaid thinks that if she pays him more attention then, maybe, she can shake some more cash out of him So she goes over and sits next to him. she asks him where he's from in South Yorkshire.

'Mexborough,' he tells her.

'Soa am ah, wha' part?' She enquires.

'The ruwad ta Doncasta en' of tarn lass,' he replies.

'Tha' is amazing,' she says excitedly, 'soa am ah .. wha' street?'

'Sahth Street,' he replies.

'Tha' is unbelievable!' She says, her voice quivering. 'Wha' numba?'

'Numba 20' he replies.

She is totally astonished. 'You are not goan beleev this,' she
screams, 'but ah'm from numba 22! Uz parents still live theaar.'

'I know' he says, 'Your Dad gev uz £1,000 ta gi' ta thee.'


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