YORKS soldiers on patrol in Helmand

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by MoD_RSS, Jan 11, 2012.

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  2. Good luck, may you and your mates only injuries be caused by BANZAI downhill "SNOW QUEEN" moments.
  3. Unfortunately, it was not to be.
  4. Cheers for the link. I forgot that British soldiers are patrolling in Helmand.
  5. It is just the MoD news feed, I don't think Mr javascript will give one tiny rats ass about your sarcasm...

    "Fortune Favours the Brave" and if you do owt for nowt, do it fo thi sen...
  6. So the MoD have to remind a forum specifically catering for forces and ex-forces (plus walts) that we are currently in Afghanistan?

    Well done.
  7. Nope the mods have subscribed to a feed from the MoD website, I don't believe it can be done the other way around, personally I tend to look just not read the RSS posts unless I have a vague interest, like for instance it might be your regiment involved but don't let a technicality get in the way of your outrage...
  8. Yep. My outrage is shining through.

    Bore off.