Yorks Regt/GH/PWO/DWR No2 Peaked Cap

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by Whiskey_60, Jun 9, 2008.

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  1. I'm basically after a peaked cap for one of the above mentioned regiments size 58 - 59.

    The style is normal dark blue with a red rim around the top but not around the middle (like the RE one) and no red band around the middle (like the RA one for example.

    The regiments mentioned above are the only ones i've seen so far that have this design!

    I'm going to the TA 100 Buckingham Palace Garden Party and I have my no2's all sorted with my new Regt's buttons etc. minus the cap. (I was LI so we didnt wear one) and I can't get one through the system in time for the event.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  2. Shame you're not two weeks earlier with this post, just sold full set of yorks regt No.2's with cap and white belt on ebay for £55. You could try ebay or even cadet direct usually have 'em. I'm assuming here that you haven't an RQ to go through.
  3. I can get one through the Q-man, the only problem is I won't get it in time apparently!

    £55 is a bargin! I've checked all the websites I could think of incl the one you mention but none have the particular style I'm after.

    Thanks for the reply though.

  4. I've got a 33year old Yorkshire Volunteers No.2 cap in it's original box in my Dad's loft (unless he has thrown it out over the last 20 years or so). I presume that the style's the same.

    Unfortunately, it's 250 miles away and it's probably size 57 (IIRC). I also don't know what condition it's in now.

    If you don't get any joy, let me know, though I may not be able to get up there until about July 8, so treat this as a last-ditch offer.
  5. Thanks alot mate, I'll keep you in mind :D

    You also helped me by a free bump, so I'm eternally in your debt anyway! :p

    I've also just had a thought that the RLC Peaked cap is the same as ours too, obviously the buttons on the side of the cap would be different but that's it.

    I may however be wrong.

  6. I have a size 59 hat of the pattern that you want. PM me if interested. No buttons i'm afraid but guess you should be able to sort that out ? Can also let you have a chinstrap for the hat.

    No charge, just pay the postage