Yorks and Coldstream Guards (Reccie roles)

Hi ladies and gents,
long time browser first time poster looking for some information.

I passed selection last week (yaay) and it just so happens that the jobs I wanted were not taking on new people for some time. A bit miffed I went to the recruitment office and (to cut a long-ish story short) my recruiter suggested the infantry (I wanted to do recon stuff)
He suggested specifically the Coldstream Guards or the Yorkshire Regiment because of their reconnaissance units. I've had a look at Coldstream and everything seems very ceremonial and I had a look at 1 an 2 Yorks which i'm guessing are edging on the reccie side of combat.

As you can probably tell from that post i'm a bit confused when it comes to specific battalions and the like. So, i'm just wondering if anyone had been involved with the Yorks or Coldstream and could maybe redirect me to or give me some information about these and there reccie roles. Thanks
Big Lad,

Every Infantry Battalion has a Recce Platoon - Guards/Yorks/Paras whatever...

If you go to Catterick to join the Infantry, you'll end up in an Infantry Battalion somewhere - but you won't end up in the Recce Platoon just like that. The Recce Platoon is where the best soldiers get put; they are chosen - and (usually) volunteers...

It sounds to me like your recruiting office is in Yorkshire? Your recruiter, nice and friendly though he may be, has to fill slots in the Infantry (I just get the feeling he's an Infantryman - so am I!)...

Before you make any decisions, get as much information about the Infantry as you can - and if that's what you'd like to do, then get yourself to Catterick and crack on.

If you really wanted to be something else, then find out when you can start with them.

Just don't get pushed into anything you don't want to.

Good luck, whatever that may be.

OK, thanks for the information.

I've been looking around and it seem that the infantry is a good place to start and get a lot of experiance under your belt. This kind of lead me to thinking; how easy is it to transfer between jobs in the army?
I'm guessing there's an arduous process to go through but is it an easily available option if you wish to change?
Join the Yorkshire Regiment, it'll make a hero of you, fair maidens will hang off of your giant biceps the Regiment help you create. Recce is within your grasp if you put the effort in but in the meantime you get to Bayonet the Queens enemies into submission and look good at the same time.

Yes lad, The Yorkshire Regiment is where it's at.
Placebo2407 said:
nope, pretty much impossible.
What is? Transfer between jobs?

Retrades, re badges and even swapping of service has never been easier.

If there is a slot forvyou to go to, you can get it.
As mentioned above, the recce platoon are made up of the most experianced soldiers, so don't expect to have a crack at it until you've had some time in the reg, it is a specialist trade just like you would expect signals, MFC, MG, personally I love the recce patrols :)


Close recce is the way forward. Especially if you like sitting in a hole shitting in a plastic bag.

The best times I've had in the Army are when I was a member of the Recce Platoon, It's hard work to get there and you get hounded on the recce cadre (I know we did) but once you're there it's an awesome job, and, you get treated more like a grown up and are allowed a bit more freedom to think for your self.

But, as others have said it's unlikely you'll get into the recce straight away so if you do decide to go infantry concentrate on getting through Catterick and getting some time in before asking to go.

And don't be fooled by the Coldstreamers looking like all they do is ceremonial, the Grenadiers are currently based in London and have been for about a year, we've only done maybe 5-6 months ceremonial and we're going for our second tour of Afghanistan in September.
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