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Yoosk - Bob Ainsworth Answers

Video doesn't seem to play. I am abroad. Is it like iPlayer where you have to be in the UK to watch? Had a quick scan around the site and didn't see any such restrictions.


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Looks like a good method of getting questions directly to the Minister responsible. Whether they answer or not is up to them but Bob seemed to answer with as much info as any politician would give.

It is interesting to note the league table on the right with scores for questions answered and Oor Bob is sitting in 2nd place. Albeit behind Miliband who it looks like spends a huge amount of time answering questions.

Miliband answered 35/180, score 345 (19.5% answered)
Ainsworth answered 7/26 score 25 (27% answered)

I don't know how the scoring is done.

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