Yoof Culcha Films

Just been watching Quadrophenia on Youtube


Bloody great! What's your favourite yoof culcha flick?
Attack the Block but only because I had an extra part in it.

Otherwise it'd probably be the Kidulthood/Adulthood duble innit blud.
Did you play the part of one of the "brothers" or the nurse. If it's the former I want to shank you, if the latter I want to ream your anus.
'Hitlerjunge Quex' was quite popular with juveniles in the 1940s.
The Little Mermaid.

It has to be said, I was never really in touch with the mainstream.
Clockwork Orange


The Blue Lamp

Dead Mens Shoes

Any St Trinians,,,,(all those schoolies Mmmm)
This Is England is utter genius. There's meant to be an England '90 version in the pipeline too.
Are you talking about the original film? This is England 86 is four TV episodes connected to the film 3 years later.

It has to be Scum for me. Everyone know the Phrases "Where's your tool" and "Right Banks, you bastard, I'm the daddy now, next time I'll ******* kill you"
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