Yoo hooooo, Im back from London!!

ellooooooooooo my lovely peeps :D how are you all?

Well I did the sponsored walk through Hyde Park last Sunday and it was brilliant ... met up with 10 fantastic chaps and chappesses who I've known about 2 and a half years but none of us have ever met face to face. Was nailbiting meeting them but we all had a great weekend getting to know each other properly and of course getting very drunk :lol: :lol:

I had a total so far of £90 sent through paypal and other online means for sponsorship and have raised another £75 or so locally and am just waiting on final figures from the other 6 team members but it looks like we have raised a damn fine sum.

A massive thanks to everyone here who made donations and of course sent good wishes of support to us all. It has been gratefully received.

You can see thumbnails of the whole event here : http://www.yellowribbon.org.uk/modu...lery&file=index&include=view_album.php&page=1

A taster of what we looked like lmao ... I am 2nd from the right

Vik xxx
hello !
Vonshot said:
Mixed dress, and put some clothes on.
:lol: :lol: wanna come along to next year's and shout at us to march properly? the start line was oppo Knightsbridge Barracks and we gave the lads an eyeful to say the least LMAO. Just hope we didnt put em off their beers :? :oops:

other pics are in our gallery - click on the link in my orig post mate. they're just thumbnails I'm afraid - originals are protected from linking to anothr site that is desperate to get their grubby hands on our pics 8O and we wont let em hahahahaha.
Gay Pride?
Well done, and thank God you are 2nd from the right, not 2nd from the left! :wink:
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