Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by exdropshort, Feb 19, 2009.

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  1. Yeah your probably right mate expect the judge is checking all internet forums befor he makes up his mind on the sentance
  2. I've not even cliked the link, but seen it earlier.

    (Unfortunatly) I know the bloke.

    Deserves all he gets, IMHO.

    Edited for a stupid choice of words.
  3. Heidtheba,
    Thats as maybe but don't forget as his defence barrister said he was a man of hitherto good character, and that is a great defence. Let him off he is misunderstood :roll:
  4. Misunderstood or not, (and I know he isn't) there is no excuse, thats why I said the above.
  5. Agreed. Hence the roll of eyes effect thingy. I was being sarcastic :roll:
  6. Hitherto of good character

    Roughly translated

    No one knew (or could prove) what he was up to

    I hope he gets a custodial sentence and put in general population after everyone has been briefed what he’s in for :twisted: :twisted:
  7. Thought you wern't going to comment
  8. Ok, so he's been bailed and presumably going back to the barracks for duties. Wouldn't he be better off in jail?
  9. That is correct roadster.

    I didn't agree with his posting after he 'came out' either.

    After I heard he had, all of those unusual stories made sense.
  10. Didn't think I knew this fella till you mentioned coming out.

    Did he used to be in 4 Sqn at Blandford?

    If it's the same bloke, one of the funniest one liners in a leaving speech I ever heard was when the person leaving thanked him for providing the cream in the desert. Should have seen the faces around the table.
  11. He has already been convicted so I would imagine that the normal site rules of not discussing ongoing court cases have been fulfilled? Its just sentencing that is still pending.
  12. Bloody 'ell, THAT fella? Those good old days of offering Phase 3s a lift in his camper van (allegedly) caught up with him then?
  13. Why do the Corps need to know this?

    You uppity cunt, all he did was throw off over kids pics, it's not like he impregnated them.

    You sound like the school swot, "Ooh me, me please Miss".

    Have you ever seen a real life naked women?
  14. jeez i took over from him in afghan