Yoghurt making

Mrs Matelot has just bought a yoghurt maker machine.
You can buy a variety of flavours (powders) and just chuck it in. It takes 18 hours. or you can adapt them yourself.

I recommend this!
I've been using it to make natural yoghurt for my curries.
Ok, two things. How much are the machines, and how much are the ingredients, like the live cultures you need to turn milky milky into nice tasting yoghurt?

Sorry to be a bit abrupt but it is well past two in the morning and my politeness chip is short-circuiting.
Ta in advance,

Complete waste of money! I like the fresh Turkish/Greek style yoghurt they serve with almost everything. A Turkish neighbour's wife showed me how she made it.

Clean glass bowl, fresh milk heated above 66 degrees C, clean cloth to cover. One tea spoon full of yoghurt.

Put the heated milk in a bowl, cover, allow to cool to about body temperature then stir in a spoon full of Yogurt. Cover with the cloth and leave it out in the kitchen overnight (in warm weather)
bob's your mum's brother, in the cold it can take much longer, so use a sterile thermos for the body temperature milk and shake some yoghurt into it. Fruit, jam and similar shit can be added later.

If you like the more sour tasting western style Yoghurts, that comes with storage, just keep it sealed in the fridge for a week.

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