Yoga is un-christian

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by chimp503, Aug 31, 2007.

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  1. Laugh I almost fell of me perch. Just watched BBC South West and they had a local report from Taunton where a Yoga teacher wanted to use the local church hall to give exercise lessons to kids, no problem the church said, what are you teaching they asked, Yoga was the reply, OH NO cry the Church of England, that is un-christian.

    WTFucking ell are they wonder the churches are empty the lenghth and bredth of this country
  2. I heard this on Today on radio 4 this morning -- unbelievable
  3. It was a church hall and YOGA does have a religeous element to it so in my opinion it was quite within their gift to refuse. It would be like asking a mosque to allow christian teaching in their hall. You would not consider that so why should you get upset about this?

    I know my spelling is rubbish so you need not point that out.
  4. Not upset about it at all, Religion for me is a joke. Yoga was being teached to a bunch of kids to use as exercise, no religious conetations involved. Bringing eastern fables into the equation is also nonesense and totally out of context
  5. How do you know no religeon was involved. Whether you find the eastern myths irrelevant is irrelevant, in this case it is only how the Church who owns the hall who have views that are pertinent.
  6. Because I watched the blinkin news report and the 30 something teacher explained that it was just for exercise nothing more. The church who owns the hall, yes but they are supposed to be a loving christian community led organisation, unless you believe something else of course - bunch of hypicrytical tossa's
  7. Yes but how can you believe the evil myth teaching teacher. She could really be from the Hizbt - ter -YOGa a fundamentalist Yoga group.

    Its their hall they can exclude people that they believe are likely to teach stuff that they do not agree with. It remains, for the moment at least, a free country.
  8. To make my point would the said vicar ban morris dancing in his hall, after all that is a pagan thinks not
  9. It is paramount to the local council saying you cant hire our hall out because you dont have any ethnic minorities attending - barmy, barmy and trice barmy
  10. Ask him. Many are quite suspicious of that and are really not into hallowene parties either.
  11. Thats my point, he is being selective and controversial, vicars should do what they do best..............................................over and out, (a saying that is not in radio procedure) lol
  12. No, its not. Regardless of the reason why, its the vicar's right to refuse anyone the use of HIS hall...I fail to see the issue here.
  13. Actually its not HIS hall it belongs to the Church of England, but more importantly it more than likely is rented from the council.

    There is no issue here,apart from the stupidity of it all. Though not religious myself, I still found the news report laudable and pathetic that he refused this teacher the use of the hall, after all how many yoga teachers actually know that it has some sort of religious background, I certainally didnt until tonight. I thought it was just some form of excersise that origniated from the east.
  14. If it was rented from the council the vicar would not be able to refuse its use - same if they had had a lottery grant for its maint upkeep rebuilding. In this case it probably belongs to the parish and in his place as the vicar of the parish he has control over access.

    Some vicars are very suspicious of some of the eastern things as they all have an underlying philosophy that is in yogas case panthiestic and heavily based on the energies of the chakras.

    That is why he doesn't want it. As with everything reported in the news only the sensational bit is raised. The actual reasoning of the obviously devout vicar was not aired for fear people might understand his fears.

    At least now you know that there is a very religeous background to Yoga - that sounds patronising but it was not meant to be.

    It is surprising what you find about some innocuous things when you begin to dig.
  15. Wouldnt that worry you that some local vicar is suspicious of a simple thing to the majority of people as yoga. Devout vicar, no such thing when they pick and choose how to interpratate the bible to meet their own needs. But an interesting argument all the same, thanks for your input, I am off to watch NCIS - now thats my religion. Good night to you. Dare I say " :D God bless" :D