YofS to FofS to RQMS

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by MiracleBill, Feb 20, 2012.

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  1. Met a chap that had gone from YofS to RSWO but has anyone gone from YofS to FofS, vice versa or gone from Supvr to RD.
  2. Supvr to RD would be possible. Depends on if it meets the needs of the services, I suppose. Some units (in the long, distant past) have appointed Supvr to SSM or RQ as it met the requirement and many units put Supvrs in charge of the training wing. YofS to FofS? While someone may come up and say it has been done, I doubt if that would be even possible. Yeomen are operator trades, Foremen are technician trades.
  3. YofS about to become SSM - he is QGS though...
  4. RSM to Ops Offr to Lt Col ?
  5. I had heard this was a QGS wide problem with too many Supervisors of both trades - both FofS and YofS.

    I do believe they were given the option of serving outside of the QGS, or reverting to RD roles.

    Seems like an awfully rum deal for me - poor chaps.
  6. MR. ? joined as a radio op climbed the ranks designed HF antenna,fanatical radio ham, did public duties as a siggy, then again as a WOII. I think he is the only person ever to do two public duties.
  7. S_ S_ ?
  8. Yep
  9. He was originally a tech, wasn't he?
  10. If its the one I'm thinking of, yep.
  11. He was on the T1 in front of me.
  12. Really? He must have been pretty late then. Last time I spoke to him (2008-ish) he was a SO1 in London District.
  13. How well would an application to Glasgow to fill an RQMS post by a supervisor be received. Would it simply be a call from Col B saying something along the lines of F.O?
  14. Gbs. I think you have your technicians mixed up. The individual being referred to in this thread has only just pinked. The one I believe you are referring to has been herding pensioners at the Royal Hospital, Chelsea for the past couple of years.

    Back to S-,S-. Quality fella, but not an example of jumping from Supervisor to RD. He was heading down the RD route from fairly early on. Great to see him pink on the DE rosta - could well be a future red tab.