YofS From Phase One Trg Instr

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Biffta112, Apr 16, 2011.

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  1. Im currently an instructor at ATC(P) and have submitted PD 9, has anyone got any experience with this from an ATR post as i can only think that it will count against me. I have had the usual 'It wont affect you' from the Corps but still think that it can only go against me with being away from a comms orientated enviroment.
  2. It should stand you in good stead. All too often, people go straight onto the YofS course with no mil quals or other experiences other than comms. The course isn't an attendance course, so you won't automatically pass, or indeed get on the course in the first instance. (The selection process, from what I have been informed, is being tightened, so it will be harder for people to get selected. Also I'm told that the size of the courses will be reduced also.) The fact that you have got off your arse and done something as an alternative option, should you not make it to YofS, will show good forethought and forward planning on your part. Brownie points at the end of the day
  3. The main problem i can see is staying here for another year and missing the curve, i'm not sure the maximum length of service you can be considered for the course.
  4. You can put in your appication upto your 18 year point. As long as you have at least 3 years to give the Corps after you finish the course. Thats gospel from an ex-Royal Signals Desk Officer, who asked me why I hadn't put in PD9.
  5. Cheers, should still be ok with 11 years to give then!!
  6. Papa Golf, you are a little (decades) away from the current PD's. The latest SOinC(A) PD No9 released in Feb 11 is that maximum year of service is 16yrs down from 17yrs.

    Rank for elligibility is now Substantive Sergeant with Corporals by exception (that being of a exceptionally high standard which the filter board will deem)

    Being at an ATR/ATC will stand you in very good stead, keep current, keep abreats of the current RSINs/PDs and Corps vision and you should do well.

    Make sure you log onto the SOinC(A)'s website and look at the current PD9

    Hope it helps
  7. Cheers for the info!! Will go through the PD on monday morning.
  8. Biffta

    I have been outside the Corps for the past 3 years working for a civillian part of the MoD and have just been selected for the FofS course later this year. Being outside the Corps will have no effect as long as your SJARs are good enough and you meet all the other criteria.

    Good Luck
  9. I know someone who got on the Foreman of Signals course from a NATO slot where he was the ONLY RSignals chap there... and he played golf everyday.

    Same selection board criteria so a ATC (P) slot shouldn't affect you. It is down to your leadership and other skills not just your comms knowledge. You'd make a welcome addition to the Ops Team, if only to tell the Training Wing and RDs to wind it in :D

    Keep abreast of the current changes and equipment, the ops and the other info and read a quality paper in the run up to the boards.

    As mentioned you really need to be a Sub-Sgt now.
  10. Cheers for the update. Hadn't looked myself, as i've concentrated on the RD route for so long now
  11. Do you really have to 'concentrate' on the RD route :D
  12. Not really, but then no one else does either