YofS and FofS selection- open it to all trades.

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by staxwasadick, Feb 2, 2007.

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  1. If a person proves that they can obtain a proper technical degree or similar, why shouldn't the be selected for the above.
  2. Because they haven't got a clue about the job?
  3. Of course the NON RD routes have been open to all trade specs as long as they are selected, but can you cram in class 3, 2 & 1 knowledge plus experience????????? :cyclopsani: Who would decide what was an equivilancy in the technical area? No I think those routes are only open to the specific trades and always will be, by there choice!! Although if the lesser Tech/Operator doesn't have it he can always CLOG UP THE RD ROSTA!!!!!!!! :sentemail: SOinC please ammend to state that if you have a supervisory route within your career - stick to it! :thumleft:
  4. unfortunately its not just about academics - when someone is selected for the above they are being assessed for potential Warrant Rank and the associated duties - ie Can he/she communicate well orally and on paper and lead or manage people. An academic would cope technically but may not have the self confidence to stand up and brief senior officers or even the guys. A good mix of personal skills is needed.
  5. Oh come on have you seen the quality of a significant number of WOs and even LE officers in the Corps- Promoted well above their ability.
  6. Remember a lot of WO's and Officers are promoted to their own level of incompetance, either in Trade or RD.
  7. I think your jealous mac - personnally i think if your an average bloke that has good integrity you can make the grade
  8. SD - you are probably right. The average bloke can make the grade, the problem occurs when the not so average bloke, gets into a position that he can't cope with and then gets out of his depth.

    With the YofS and FofS thing, it is a lot of academic skills as well as experience and knowledge and an ability to pass the military courses too.

    So obtaining a Degree in electronics or IT at summer school and OU, should not be a road into YofS or FofS or even Supervisor Radio, you need a whole lot more.

    Me Personally - got phase 3 in 94, as a Tech Class2, and now am an IT manager. without a degree and not yet at my own level of incompetance.
    Although I was still not good enough to be a FofS in the TA!!!
  9. and .... soz I had to
  10. Polar - Knew you wouldn't be able to resist!!
  11. Soz I missed the get together, the dark side had their own agenda
  12. Do you think that only drivers, electricians and tech sup specs should be allowed onto the RD roster?
  13. Whovian

    Ok, you messed up the entrance test so became a Combat Tradesman. Not only that but the entrance test was actually right because (and here is the pinch) if you had wanted too, you could have transfered into a better job/trade later on and gone on to the hallowed land.

    What is your problem?

    Do you dislike those more intelligent than you?

    Some of those Engineers, Operators and Techs like doing the basic stuff. The work stuff, but dont like the technical management stuff. Therefore they dont want to move onto the Supervisor stuff.

    They are keen, intelligent and good at what they do, why should they not move into the RD role?

    Lets really burn you bridge... take a 10 year Cpl in trade (and by that I mean Engineer, Op or Tech). Gets to Sgt and thinks, bugger dont fancy the Sup route (YofS, FofS, SupIS etc), I think I have to go RD. He then starts his career along those lines, Range Qual etc etc. You on the other hand have had 10 years head start. You have only one line to go down. One single aim to succeed.

    Why is it that generally those who were in trade and then go RD generally do better?

    Now before some of my best friends beat the living carp out of me... I am not having a go at the Combat trades par se.

    You however need to remove the plank you have and to move on and do better.
  14. Thought occured to me - If I were a civvy taxpayer looking in on this thread Id be phoning up my MP and saying why oh why does the R Sigs invest so much in a tradesman for say 10 years only for him to be told to switch to an RD role - what a complete waste of my money Id say
  15. Perhaps because not all can go that way. Its a numbers game.

    As it is most ranks stay in trade till SSgt now (although probably not offically).

    Does civvy street stop people chaning their job? No!