Yobs show no respect for memorial

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by msr, Nov 9, 2005.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    This year's Remembrance Day should have been a special time for surviving relatives and friends, with the names of their loved ones re-etched and restored and the stone repaired as new.

    That will not now happen, because young thugs - around the same age of many of the war heroes - forced workmen to flee by hurling bottles at them when they refused to pay "protection" money. Graham Stringer, MP for Manchester Blackley, said: "If there is one group of people who deserve respect it is the people who laid down their lives for all of us.


  2. Well I am happy to pop up to Manchester and stand by for incoming if the workmen want to go back. Any excuse to slap the s**t out of some chav scum!

    Anyone else fancy a bit of 'close protection work?
  3. Bunch of low-life winkers! I suggest blunt-force trauma as the appropriate training medium.....................
  4. Wouldn't it be a shame if those bottles ricocheted and caused serious injury to the throwers... Despicable cretins.
  5. I'm up for that, just going to oil and polish the axe handle.....
  6. scum scum scum.
  7. Scumbags. Just scum of the earth. I wouldn't waste a 5.56 on them let alone gob on them.
  8. Brothers and Sisters- I have a dream! I have a dream that, one day, all the chav scum infesting this good earth will wander across the stop-butt of life, just at the point where God says to me, in thunderous tones:-


    Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!

    Failing that, Cuts gave me a sjambok some time ago and I've not yet found an oppoprtunity to use it! :twisted:
  9. There's the person to contact if you're serious.
  10. People who do this sort of thing should be used as moving targets on the rifle range.

    The memoral is there to commemerate those who have given everything and made the supreme sacrifice, they deserve the maxium respect possible.

    For scum to do this its an outrage!
  11. I find myself wondering why the police are not mentioned in the newspaper story. Were they not informed? Were they too busy learning how not to offend certain sections of the community? This type of anti-social behaviour is just the sort of thing that is supposed to be a priority.
  12. I have emailed Manchester Police requesting if they were informed about this incident and what action they took and are taking. If no result then a complaint goes in to the police authority.

    These scum (the hooligans, not the police in this case) are only able to do this because the police are too weak and cowardly to do their job properly (but very quick to arrest anyone who defends themself and society).

    Will post any response, and my complaint if required.
  13. I wouldn't go as far as that Dread. You have to understand that this type of activity goes on almost every hour of the day in Manchester, and these scumbags play the system with the coppers. You need to see the attitude of these thugs, they honestly believe they are untouchable. I've met many Police officers who would dearly love to use old fashioned Policing methods (punch to the gob, slap across the face) but like I've just said, these ********* know and play the system to their advantage.
  14. What do we expect? None of them give a shit. They've not been brought up to.
  15. Cnuts. CNUTS.

    Arrest them, and the useless scum that spawned them (if the father can't be found, the mother's latest boyfriend will have to sub in). This behavior is as much the parents' fault as it is the kids.

    If the cops won't, there must surely be some civic-minded Mancunians with baseball bats who could step in...