Yobs get an ear bashing

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Taffnp, Feb 11, 2010.

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  1. Happy days........the CPS is a farce.
  2. After the the drug crazed fool had threatened to rape his girlfriend the first thing Id of cut off is his d*ck, I still say your home is your castle, any fcukwits coming in without being invited expect the consequenses.
  3. not down across take the yobs head off :twisted:
  4. I hope he charged at Him screaming "There can be only one!" or "Banzai!!!"
  5. The CPS want raping and burning down. Bunch of hand wringing sociology student no-marks. Cnuts.
  6. Open Season on Burglars, Huzza,

    "All Home owners and House holders will sharpen". :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  7. Hear Hear, I say again EAR EAR!!
  8. I'm not impressed.. He was threatened with 8 years in prison for defending his family.. the yobos got a six month suspended sentence and walked free after saying 'sorry' for 'affray ' [ WTF is that? ] trying to rob, threaten rape and otherwise assault him with weapons of their own..

    something is out of balance and it wasn't the Jap sword..
  9. Sorry...I laughed out loud at this...one of the yobs is called "Severs" :)

    Maybe the other should have been called Sliced n diced ;)
  10. Going on what the guy and his partner said on TV this morning most of what the Mirror wrote is bollox, only weapon involved according to the people actually involved was the Samuri sword no mention of spades etc.

    Although I do agree that the CPS needs a good thecking!
  11. i always plan ahead and do what i do best!

    1,start diy in any part of the house
    2,leave it unfinished for two months
    3,leave tools at the disaster site

    hammer,screwdriver ect ect

    do this all around the house and bingo,you have varied sharp tools hanging around the house, that gives you a nasty tool to grab in most entry points(as they say!first thing to hand!).

    my house looks shit!!! but damn its safe(well for me anyway)

    anyone else would be safer walking through a vietnam jungle littered with punji traps!

    i will happily release them of thier human rights when they try my house!!!! i will go for a clean kill!!(you just dont know how hard to hit thier heads)

    if they go down like they have just been unplugged from the matrix then its hard enough!!!

    anyone threatening to rape my misses or kids(or both)would be dead several seconds after opening his/her f*cking face
  12. Is pillaging still ok though? :D
  13. I remember that. When plod attended, he said to the guy. "Ello ello, what's this 'ear then?"