yo-yo knickered slapper or wronged women?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Ozgerbobble, Jun 22, 2005.

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  1. No a paragon of virtue and worthy of support

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  2. Shes had enough c*ck up her to make a handrail the length of the Mall

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  1. The whole episode is very shabby but something smells about this one.

    She doesn't sound to me like the woman the sort of girl who has always just wanted to settle down and was desperately looking for Mr Right does she? It all sounds a bit premeditated to me.

    All very embarrssing for Sven and the FA and I'm sure there's much more to come

    What do we reckon? Is she a goldigger or just standing up for herself? :?
  2. Strange she wrote her resignation letter from Max Clifford's office - allegedly
  3. Sultry looking Asian bird with a gorgeous arse and lovely looking set of norks - works for me.

    Anyway, sorry, what was the question again?
  4. She swore on the koran - to tell the truth about sexual shennanigans????? :roll: says it all really
  5. DD, I'm with you on this one!

    Although the FA do come across as a bunch of cnuts when it comes to employing gold diggers as secretaries, or should that read secretaries as gold diggers. :roll:
  6. She'd get it. Sorry I can't think of anything more incisive, but if she worked in my office and was putting it about, well, it'd be rude not to.

  7. Bloody women all the promiscuous goings on comes from giving them the vote
  8. An asian woman swears on the koran......must be true then. :roll:

    She's a f*cking whore.
  9. Three Loins on her shirt as it were - Eriksson, Davies and Palios.

    The old codgers dont sound particularly subtle in their wooing techniques do they.

    The thought of Sven rubbing the condensation off his binners then leering at her chebs and saying something like "I'm Sven - try me" is enough to put you off your diiner isnt it.

    Frankly anyone who bangs ugly munting old boots like Nancy dell Ollio needs castrating

  10. Wow, how far we've come in the workplace. :roll:

    She's gold-digging trash. Hell, I'm not even that cute, and if I filed lawsuits against every drunken old executive or client that has tried to grab a handful, I'd be retired on a Caribbean island somewhere. Being hit on by your boss is not exactly a measure of how attractive you are, as some of these guys will fcuk anything.

    The difference, I suppose, is whether you think boinking rich married guys is a legitimate career...from an office, anyway. Really, this woman should just be putting it out in expensive hotel bars like any other self-respecting high-priced call girl. Why bother wasting the gas on hauling your t!ts into an office, then? You can just tell your parents in Akalakistan that you're a secretary; they'll never know the difference and you wouldn't have to get up before noon.
  11. Cor, some of you lot must be rich people. Here's a woman - named on this board - who is suing the FA. Now what makes you think that she wouldn't take on ARRSE in the courts for a few more sheckels?

    PS. If you are rich with loads to spare, I know a great destination for it.

  12. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    It's actually an employment tribunal, so unless she's actually been booted from her position as an Arrse MOD (annual salary: £140K :D ) for shagging around with Flasheart and MDN then I think she'd be on a sticky wicket...
  13. I just hope she keeps my name out of the press....
  14. Say what you like but the FA are better at pasing (her around) than some of the players.
  15. Come on MDN and Flash - cough up - is it true then? Come on tell all - there's no smoke without fire...... 8O