" Yo, Shurlock!" - Righteously Indignant...

While I admit that Mr. Madonna has to do something to prove he isn't a p*ssywhipped nancy boy lead about by Kaballah Madge, but, FFS!!, this is outrageous!!

Just shows you the depths some people go to and the crass money-grubbing nutter beancounters that run Hollywood these days who figure this will ' sell'..

I cringe just typing this.. Guy Ritchie's next project is an ' update/re-envisioning ' of Sherlock Holmes..Sherly will be ' contemporized ' [ what the hell.. making up words, too? ] as a gritty, gangland-style sword-weilding, fist-fighting, short-fused ' grunge' character...going a trifle beyond the cerebral, tweed-clad deep thinker traditionally depicted [ though, I bet they'll keep the ' heroin-junkie ' aspect alluded to in Conan Doyle's works ]...

Can we not have an ARRSE-jihad and do something about this atrocity? I'm up for an indignant letter to the Times or a impatient ' tsk tsk' over my dram of single malt and cigar at the club.. I'm contemplating a ' harumph 'or two and letting my blood pressure rise just to show I'm serious..

Shame on Warner Brothers for coughing up the spare change to produce this...this...outrage!! [ Surprised Madonna didn't ' underwrite ' the film herself..guess there wasn't a part in it for her.. though, I'm sure over some naughty pillow talk she'll convince him only she can do justice to the ' love theme/over the credits song styling ]...

Gawd!! Surely England can rise up and stop this degenerate ruiniation of an Icon of Literature??

[Rocketeer burbles a bit then nods off in his overstuffed leather chair as the steward deftly removes the cut glass decanter before it falls to the floor..]
Ha!Ha! I have to agree Mr Rocketeer. I don't have a problem with interpretation (or re-interpretation) of what's gone before - it's the way in which it's done. I feel the same way about these 'reworkings' of Shakespeare in an 'inner city yoof stylee'.

I don't think Mr Madge is capable of retaining the subtlety of the (implied) opium use. Crack cocaine with Moriarty as his dealer is more his style!


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I suspect Madonna could work herself in the film by adapting the role of Mrs Hudson and adapting it from a busy and matronly housekeeper to a sleek and sexy maid. Why not? They will butcher everything else.
There have been some good versions of the tales, including a blindingly funny one with Michael Caine as Holmes and Ben Kingsley as Watson, but updating it? Please, no!


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I have to say, I saw a 'contemporary' revisit of Shakespeare's plays at a London Theatre a few years back, with the opening scenes being couple of guys dressed as builders 'doing their thing' from a scaffold down to the women below; all using the proper Shakespeare script. It was done in the best possible taste, as very good indeed.

Can the septics (especially the likes of Guy Richie) achieve the same quality result - not on your bleeding life.

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