Yo Ho F%*king Ho

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sebcoe, Nov 5, 2012.

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  1. More than one in 10 Britons who took on debts to fund Christmas 2011 are still paying off their loans as this year's festive season approaches, research has found.

    The Money Advice Service said that two-fifths of people across the country (41%) think that this Christmas will be harder to afford than last year.

    Nearly half (49%) of those surveyed took out a loan or went into more debt to get themselves through the festive season last year - and 13% said they are still paying the money off.

    People living in the East are the most likely to be concerned about how they will fund their celebrations this year, followed by those living in the North East and Yorkshire and Humberside.

    The study of more than 2,000 people found the typical total Christmas spend this year is expected to come to just under £592, representing a £46 increase on last year.

    With the average spend for Xmas at £592.00, what will you be spending you tight fisted gits......! I note that most of the Poor come from upt North and East....so how are you poor cunts going to cope?
  2. At least they are not squaddies living in a dingy room and getting visited by Santa.I feel a poem coming on............
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  3. Is this yet another example of people living beyond their means?

    People need to be given a clear fucking picture of the difference between "needs" and "wants".
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  4. I decided to allow my dear old Mum to cook Christmas dinner for everyone, so about £20 for a bottle of wine and that's taken care of.

    I shall buy my Missus some of the sort of clothes I like to remove from her, so that's simply a standard expense rescheduled to Christmas. The concubine will also get some appropriately slutlike garment, she's common as dog crap so that's about £25.00 from Messrs. Primark. Parents get books (Waterstone's 3 for 2 offer), three parents still going between us.

    So that's effectively under £100.
  5. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    Many years ago my parents put strict limits on what we could spend on each other - it's been £15 for years. And then my sister's kids had the bright idea that rather than a present, they'd rather have a cheque. They put their cheques together and buy themselves a single big present that they want. Everyone's happy and no-one needs to spend mega-bucks.

    Part of the problem is the commercialisation of Christmas - the idea has taken hold that you show your appreciation of another person by the monetary value of the gift you give. No thanks - I'd rather have a small, well chosen present that shows the giver has thought of me rather than an expensive present snatched from the shelves without thought.

    Another part of the problem is that a significant part of the population doesn't see anything wrong with getting heavily in debt. That's a fool's paradise. Pay for your Christmas from Wonga and you're fcuked. We ought to be drumming into people at school that if you cant afford it, you can't buy it. It's going to take a generation to get rid of debt stupidity.

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  6. I get my Dad a bottle of Scotch, my mother some flowers and i'll be happy with Bacon and eggs for my dinner. The shops won't be earning a packet from me.
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  7. Oh fuck!
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  8. " Its for the bairns" the cunts! a number of years ago, I was home on leave, a number of people from one of the council estate were allegedly burgled nicking all the kids pressies from under the tree, there was a pic of the gopping spunk bucket mum, three kids & usless dole dad.....looking sad!

    My mother who only sees good in everyone! said how she wanted to send the kiddies some stuff....I said the mum & dad didnt have presents in the first place, they are conning you....she called me a cynical sod and your always having a go at these poor unfortunates.......A week later the dole dad gets filled in for pawning Xmas pressies sent by the likes of my dear ol' mum....the poor i fucking hate them....!! oh how I laughed! the cunts!
  9. Christmas can take a running jump! If it wasn't for my two sisters I could spend fuck all. They usually get something like a vaguely educational game for the wii that they can play together or something useful like a new bow for their cellos or horse riding lessons. Wife gets fuck all. Concubine might get something if I'm feeling generous (doubt it) and the rest gets spent down the pub. Ps my sisters are 12 & 7 so unless Sir Jimmy is a regular poster from beyond the grave, I'm expecting few questions ref their minge, tits or phone numbers.
  10. mint_humbug.jpg
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  11. Presumably you'll be keeping warm by a Yule fire of crackling religious artefacts.
  12. But I really needs a 78 inch 3D telly,and I wants someone else to pay for it!
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  13. This is true, financial education is the biggest area thats not taught in schools, I try and teach my kids, but they get bored with it, I save for xmas, my kids don't get everything but they do get a main pressy, i do take them on holiday to centre parcs, but I live abroad so its nice to get together. it makes up for the times I don't see them!
  14. May I point out that 'Yo Ho Ho', is that catchphrase associated with Long John Silver, a pirate who goes about cutting throats and robbing people. He is a fat bloke in a red coat with a big black beard and one leg.

    Santa Claus's catch-phrase is 'Ho Ho Ho'. Santa is a fat bloke in a red coat with a big white beard.
    There are similarities, I can see how they are easily confused..

    Santa is an anagram of Satan.
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  15. Does Mr Silver do house visits to lonely squaddies living in dingy one room flats?