YO dies in Austria


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Notice in the civvy news a young RSigs Lt has died whilst skiing Linky

A loss of someone young is always bad but especially at this time of year and when so young and apparently fit/healthy.

Condolences to the family.

Ski_Geek you out there too? Wondered if it was a Corps camp or unit AT? I joined the wrong service :x
What a tragic thing to happen, with no apparent cause. I remember her from her troopies course at Blandford and she was a lovely wee thing with a bright future. RIP Charlotte.

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Yeah guys absolute tragedy! Poor Charlotte was taking part in the Corps Ski Camp. She had just finished her race and abruptly collapsed. Everyone did as much as they could but to no avail.

Such a tragic loss. Completely gutted. She was about to go off to the Army camp on the Saturday..

Charlotte sweet dreams my friend!!!!!!!!!!

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