Yo Bliar - Iran are arming Hezbollah

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Jul 18, 2006.

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  1. Yes and he has proof

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  2. No he is lying as usual and just wants another war

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  3. Possibly but if he is telling the truth it is merely an unrelated coincidence of the facts and his s

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  1. The Deranged Leader "Yo Bliar" is at it again, having dispatched the Fleet (what remains of it) to the coast of Lebanon to evacuate our passport-holders a few days after everyone else has started the process using civilian charter ferries.

    I am sure "Yo Bliar" was keen to have the ships there "just in case" Dubya agreed to some more Middle Eastern action, under the pretence of an evacuation.

    Instead of Dubya's usual enthusiasm for military action, he is dispatching Condi at some point. So Bliar is now claiming Iran are arming Hezbollah.

    Heaven forbid! The innocent Iranians? Now, as someone said on another thread, Iran is probably supporting Hezbollah as much as they can without ending up on the receiving end themselves. But Bliar has "form" with his claims, whether 45 minutes to destruction or a claim (later withdrawn by the Foreign Office) about Iranian detonaters found in Iraq last year.

    So, is Bliar telling the truth?

    A. Yes, and he has proof.
    B. No, he just wants to start another war to ensure his "legacy" at all costs.
    C. Possibly, but if he is telling the truth it is merely an unrelated coincidence of the facts and his statement.


  2. Let's not forget who advises Billy Liar on the Middle East - Lord Levy, who won't be at all biased, will he? And let us not forget the donors Lord Sainsbury and Lord Drayson, or Lord Cronysmith, amongst others One thing beyond dispute is that the Dear Leader knows on which side his matzos is buttered...
  3. This could be the beginning of World War III and Tony's legacy will be that he's helping to fuel the start of it
  4. Thought this might interest some of you...it's a projection of the range of various S/S systems from a predicted firing location in central Lebanon, using Google Earth.


    It's small but you can touch it to make it bigger...
  5. I think we have proof, but its not the time to strike now doing that would send a clear message to the Arabs that the Wests only aim is to destroy them.
  6. Latest on BBC is that Israel reckons Iran started it all to divert attention from its nuke programme.


    This is a plotline not even worthy of Scooby-Doo.

  7. Disinformation or paranoia - who knows? And every word Bush utters seems to be designed to embolden the Israelis. Instead of condemning the violence on BOTH sides and brokering some sort of peace, he's fanning the flames and building justification for the Israelis to carry on dismantling and destroying Lebanon.

    Edited to add: This evacuation needs to be completed as quickly as possible before Simple Simian puts his unfeasibly long hairy foot in it again
  8. It might be that Hezbollah (that is Iran's proxy) has less support than the usual suspect israel-bashers think

    Wadi Batti, an Iraqi columnist,
    "By initiating the confrontation with Israel, Hizbullah has made a mockery of the Lebanese government and leaders, who are now seen as pawns in the hands of Nasrallah. How long will the Arabs continue to fight on behalf of Iran?" Trying to explain the Arab attitude, Palestinian political analyst Ashraf al-Ajrami noted that many Arab countries were afraid of Iran and did not want to see the Iranians spread their influence. "The Arab countries, particularly Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan, believe that no party has the right to drag the entire region to a military confrontation with Israel," he wrote in the Ramallah-based Al-Ayyam daily.

    "These countries believe that there is no room for mistakes and adventures. The Arabs are worried about Iran's plans in the region, especially with regards to Iraq and the development of nuclear weapons, and their attempts to influence events in Lebanon and Palestine. A large number of Arab countries, particularly in the Gulf, see Iran as a future adversary."


    Ahmadinejad is under pressure to respond to a carrots-and-stick offer by the five permanent members of the Security Council, plus Germany. He knows that a positive response to the offer could mark the end for his strategy of extending the Islamic Republic's influence throughout the Middle East.Ahmadinejad, Assad and Hizbullah may well have planned for a limited conflict with Israel, one in which the Jewish state would ultimately back down, handing them a moral victory. Their plan may have been based on the assumption that Israel would not dare widen the scope of the war triggered by Hamas and Hizbullah.

    Today, the trio find themselves alone. Most Arabs refuse to be dragged into a bigger war - in the shaping of which they had no say. Moreover, most Lebanese do not see why they should risk the destruction of their country solely to allow Hizbullah to remain a state within a state.

    The "Israel diversion" tactic may have passed its sell-by date.

    The writer, an Iranian author and journalist, is editor of the Paris-based Politique Internationale.


    and from a lebanese Blogger

    What is next…more death…destruction…But what befuddled me was those people exuberant with joy who drove around in their cars because Hezbollah hit an Israeli warship. Unbelievable we are getting destroyed back in to the Stone Age and they are happy… Good for them…just do not cry when our country is utterly destroyed, you want war than you should accept its consequences, and you should bear them alone, not make a whole people bear them with you…

    All what I feel is intense anger against Hezbollah… and all who stand by them…


    i note that hezbollah did not hand the israeli hostages to the lebanese government to do as they thought fit...
    as well as, of course, the british mission east of suez
  9. If Israel is saying the abductions were orchestrated to distract people from Irans Nuclear programme.
    Why has Israel made this distraction larger - to the tune of a week long artillery barrage? Instead of negotiating the release of the Soliders and letting the world continue to see the flaws in Iranian policy.

    Iran previously could have been deterred from its nuclear programme, but with the house of cards falling down next door, and the job of trying to re-stabilise, or at least prop up the political infrastrucutre in the region, no one can prevent Iran doingwhat it likes by way of arming itself.

    Secondly, Bush has promised that in a weeks time he will ask Israel to break off its attack. Well done Bush, that doesnt sound like you support Israeli action does it? and Im sure that as soon as you write a strongly worded letter to the Israelis All guns will Cease fire immediately.

    It looks like the Dear Leader is getting ready to volunteer our Soldiers again!
  10. Maybe the Israelis kidnapped their own soldiers?

    No, definitely too much wine tonight. Perhaps.
  11. I don't think so. Watch Loose Change 2nd Edition (with or without the wine) and you may regret reproaching yourself over that statement.
  12. Do we have any spare?

    He could ask the Queen to lend him the Woofers after they finish their stint on Saturday at Buck House. As long as they're back for tea by the following Friday!!!
  13. Why would Israel want to remove attention from the Iranian weapons programme?

    Or do they jsut want to hog the limelight and justify their militarist standing by having a war every few years?............... (oops no thas Bush and Blair)
  14. Surely there is no one left to send? What were the figures from the article in the Telegraph last week, something like 20% of the British Army on Ops some where, so thats 20% who are just back with in the past 6 months and can't really be sent any where, and 20% about to go some where doing build up training, so thats 40% remaining which being realistic is not much to choose from given the shortage of troop numbers, the drop in recruitment and those choosing to leave when their contracts are up.
    And today on the news, Channel 4 tv news at 7 pm, they said the Black Whatch, or the new 3rd Scots is back out to Iraq for the 3rd time? Not going to be great for retention numbers there, i can see why so many want to leave. So who do we send to Lebanon? TA is over commited sending troops to Iraq and Afg, Army is over streached, who is left?
  15. The legion of frontiersmen
    Rotary club
    traffic wardens.