Yidisher Panzers March North!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by danielsan, Jul 13, 2006.

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  1. Is it right that the UN still continues to ignore Israels blatant attacks on civilian population areas as per todays attacks, in retaliation for Hamas / Hezbollah atrocities of a similiar vein.?I dont remember it ever being policy in the province to retaliate with 105s.

    At the same time I cant fully condemn them - what other means of retaliation is open to them?

    If two of your oppos were kidnapped in Afghanistan or Iraq how would you re-act to an order for a similiar attack?
  2. Is blockading a country's ports, bombing an airport and various bridges and shelling the place a proportionate response?

  3. I dono lets ask Iraq and Serbia ?
  4. As per our RoE it's most definitely an illegal act - a war crime, would you want our boys to do the same to affect a rescue?
  5. May be it should just launch unguided rockets and mortars at Lebanese towns? Or maybe it should just sit back and be pounded and provoked?

    As far as I can see, they have been very restrained so far -- even telling the Lebanese to take civilians out of certain areas in advance of strikes.

    Israel has been given causus belli on so many occasions, and yet has done little more than target the terrorist leaders.

    Remember how everything was supposed to get better once Israel evacuated the Gaza Strip and the West Bank? Well, it didn't. Hamas and Hezbollah etc are now reaping what they have sown .
  6. Were it not for the fact that many are illiterate peasents I would advocate bombing them back to the stone age......however most of them already exist there. Lebanon is a harbour for Hizbollah terrorists and if it had patrolled its Southern Borders better and prevented the launch of countless rockets against Northern Israeli towns as well as prevented the act of war that has sparked this reprisal then they would not now be at the 'Butts' end of a one way range.

    Typical Arabs start something then cry victim and run to the UN.
  7. I'm glad that someone has recognised this dilemma, what is expected of Israel?

    Should they stoically "take on the chin" attacks from neighbouring nations and territories simply because it is what "we" would do?

    The situation there had stabilised to a degree.

    Israel did not mount pre-emptive attacks on Lebanon or the so called palestine. They responded to agression with a limited selection of the means available to them.
  8. Despite what the BBC seems to be maintaining, the kidnapped soldiers are not the main reason -- Israeli towns were being submitted to rocket and mortar attack from southern Lebanon. The kidnaps were just a job on the side, and are being used as a straw man to make it seem like the response is disproportionate . As far as I can see, if country A receives incoming from country B, then country A is well within its rights to give country B a damn good spanking, no matter who it was in country B provided it .
  9. I wonder how far this will escalate - perhaps under current political climate it will be impossible for US to rein in Israel and thay will answer the middle easts problems on and for all?
  10. Well said Letterwritingman and Biscuits_Brown,

    If it werent for the fact I cant speak Hebrew, I would probally head over and volunteer.
  11. Spend a week in a kebutz and theyd probably let you!
  12. Will there be any kicking off of certain sections of the community in Europe using this as a pretext/excuse? I'm sure some of them would rather enjoy a bit of a kick around under the guise of an anti-Israel protest...
  13. I dont understand fire rockets at a country which has the best armed forces in the area and has kicked its neigbours arses every time.
    THen get upset when they come to give you a kicking tossers the lot of them hand them back to the romans .
  14. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    But are they? Have the Israelis actually targetted units and/or members of those particular outfits, which has got to be a pretty hard thing to do, or gone for the easier option of punishing the communities in which they operate?

    If the latter, does anybody believe that the suffering of their Lebanese and Palestinian compatriots will force Hezbollah and/or Hamas to review their conduct in the slightest?
  15. In the same way they "target" a man in a wheelchair with a guided missile from a helicopter gunship? Every Lebanese civilian killed gives Hezbollah more a) propoganda b) recruits a vicious circle and no mistake.