Yeti Wilderness Gaiters

I used a set of them in Bosnia in the early 90's and they did the job exceptionally well.This was before issued gaiters, so you had to buy your own anyway.

Drawbacks were that they were meant for extreme snow/cold/wet and were a bit too much for other climates. You also had to glue them to your boots to get a proper seal as intended......once they were on your boots, they stayed on.
use skin glue for touring skis, spray on stuff works okay
here goes,

8440998693658 are size med (size 7-8 roughly)
8440998693659 are size large
8440999693660 are XL. these are the ones i have for my size 10 Scarpas.

They can be a bitch to put on, but you can use hot water or leave them on a warm radiator for half an hour and then they can be eased onto the boots using a spoon or a knife. I find once they are on they stay there throughout winter, then take them off again in spring. They are a good bit of kit especially for boggy areas and deep snow. They are a C class item and cost through your friendly QMs geezer about 30 notes if you want to bill yourself.
The issued DPM 'Yeti style' gaiters are complete chuff. The fabric is way too big for the boot size causing each leg to rub against the other and holes appearing. The rand is made from rubber salvage from old truck tyres and you need arms like Garth to get them on. The Berghaus ones are a much better bet if you are going any where snowy, if not then stick to the issue CS95 alpine gaiters which are actually bombproof.

note: The wearing of yetis anywhere other than Scotland, Norway or FI will mark you out for ridicule...


yeti gaiters are worth thier weight in gold i wore them on juniors and seniors and still wear them anywhere the weather is sh1tty only thing is you need to glue the front to your boot.
SPSI's tended to swear by them usually accompanied by a large mug of tea expensive berghaus Jacket and a look of disdain/horror
usually entirely justified

as in oh look what PTE ****** has just posted to us from the golan heights
or MAJ has just started a stand up row with the regular SAS :oops:
actually he won that one they maybe THEM but there still suppoused to book training areas :oops:

que SAS officer looking slightly sheepish
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