Yeti gaiters

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Peter_Skellen, Mar 2, 2009.

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  1. A few questions

    Firstly, what are peoples opinions of them? They look decent enough, better than the issued gaiters.

    Secondally, how does the sizing work on them? I'm a size 9 boot, what size gaiters should I be looking at?

    And lastly, anybody know of anywhere I get get a pair? Tried waltbay but alot seem to be civvy ones.

  2. Try Dragon Supplies, they seem to have some DPM ones in.

    Not too sure about sizing though - give them a call, as the guys are pretty clued up.
  3. Try here for a bit of discussion on them.

    I like them and have spent several hours standing in water (long story!) with wonderfully dry feet. If you are going to use them make sure that you don't want to put them on or remove them in a hurry! Can't remember the sizing needed (I've had mine a while now) but loads of places stock them and in green as well.
  4. PETER, I thought you would know all about gucci kit. I will never watch who dare wins again :D I'm a size nine and I've got size large which were issue. As above don't think you can put them on in a hurry (fcuking emotional). I have them permantley attached to a set of the issue winter boots which is ok dependant on what job or trade you are. I tend to use them for snow conditions. You can get them fairly cheeply if you look around for them however to get a proper seal you need Berghaus boots. And please don't think they are an army/gucci replacement for welly's/wader's
  5. Cheers I'll have a hunt around and see what I can get, if not I may be back on here to beg for a buckshee pair, willing to pay of course!
  6. They are proving rather hard to track down, and without taking out a loan to buy them. Without been too necky, dont supose anybody has a buckshee pair and willing to sell them to me. Willing to pay for them and pay postage???

  7. Put Yeti gaiters in to EBAY. I've just checked their is auctions on Ebay for a fiver!
  8. My god, do people still use them ?!?!? I recall they were all the rage late 80s/early 90s, couldn't do a NI Border tour without a pair, that is of course till the rubber accross the sole snagged a bit of barbed wire and you got a blow out.

    They were good with proper walking boots but a little pants with issue boots, but looking at some of the boots out nowadays they might fit, I personally never used them but had (in fact still have) a plain set of canvas gaiters that I waxed and wore with my scarpas (once I had dyed the boots black)
  9. Seen!
    Only problem being is most of them, are XL sixe, which would be too big!

    Seen some others on internet, but refuse to pay 60 notes! I'm onto a few places where I may be able to get hold of them cheaper, but proving harder
  10. i have a brand new pair, size large, purchased from e bay that are just a bit too small for my size 10 scarpas.