Yet more stench around Blair

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Blogg, May 26, 2017.

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  1. This was late 80's early 90's wasn't it?

    What did it have to do with Blair? Genuine question.
  2. And what is he actually supposed to have done that breaks the law?
  3. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer

    I see Blair is playing one of his trump cards (No not the trump with the dodgy hair) in saying that the NI Peace will be disrupted by Brexit. Why doesnt he just leave it.
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  4. When you can be a tonyblaire...
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  5. Breathe.

    OK technically it may not be a law.
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  6. widow11 has had a busy evening giving out 'Show a braincell' ratings.

    Christmas festivities arrangements fallen flat again I guess ?
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  7. He clearly has something on his mind, but isn’t inclined to share it with those of us who were on the receiving end of his efforts.
    Oh hum.
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  8. What does 'show again braincell' mean? I assume the term is some form of insult as it is short and ugly - much as i imagine the people who award it to be.
    But there is no point of reference as it exists nowhere else, so what does it mean?
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  9. W P

    W P War Hero

    Wah shield deployed.
  10. Not quite sure if it’s a new sock puppet being tried out and the old instincts of the poster can’t help sneaking out ( or maybe it’s Cherie)
    Not quite sure why my post so offended, maybe she thinks the 7 and a half billion the f&m mishandling cost was good value.
    And before bravo bravo has another poke the reason I lost my thriving flying school was in a comp deal defra swapped a 40 k asset at great Orion ( shagged runway) for £230 000 cash and then 2 millions worth of farm and runways at our site with a bent lawyer doing both sides of the compensation deal so they slipped in a clause so my company no longer had acess to the runway.
    Two years later Margret Becket said it was “ uneconomic” to find the paperwork” which had mysteriously all been mislaid,
    Which was nice
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  11. Well I never did. I am born and bred in these parts but I didn't know there was a runway at Gt Orton.
  12. Originally much longer than Carlisle’s one. The ********* who had it for 40 k couldn’t make a go of it ( unless with people) so when defra,s minion offered them loads of cash and then a monopoly grip on our field to milk they jumped right in. ( and fuc#d it up as well, kirkbride is like the Mary Celeste in comparison to when I taught there) still I’m sure the 75 hectare arable farm us taxpayers gave them is some comfort.
  13. For unless read. Useless ( predictive bollox again !)
  14. So where was/is the runway? Just in case I find a Spitfire or similar hidden in a barn?
  15. Due west of the village about 1 km right where they buried all the livestock