Yet more stench around Blair

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Blogg, May 26, 2017.

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  1. My loathing of this reptile knows no bounds.
    His parties " handling" of foot and mouth when they thought they could keep a lid on it and hold his election when he wanted , and then subsequent panicking and throwing billions at this " natural disaster" to deflect from their mishandling boiled my piss.
    That he ultimately cost me a flying school and a couple of hundred k pissed me off even more.
    But the icing on the cake I'll take to my grave from that balls up is as follows.
    The summer before foot and mouth my younger brothers wife died from breast cancer leaving him , a six year old boy and four year old twin boys.
    Amidst the trauma their nanny goat was in kid and duly produced twin kids just before Christmas to the boys delight.
    Cut to the middle of February, I'm in their kitchen. The slaughtermen have cleaned out the farm at the bottom of the village yesterday and are working through the herd at the top of the village that afternoon.I had to sit and listen to 3 little boys plead with me to put their nanny and kids in the back of the disco and get them away from the house before the slaughtermen came.
    I don't think I've ever felt less of a man than when I left that house that evening, and if I ever do meet mr Blair I shall try and give the little twat a bit of how I felt that day.
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  2. There is a piece of film somewhere on this website where he shares a political stage with a father whose son he sent to war, an unjustifiable war ( GW2) and that son was killed.
    He squirms a bit ( you may get some satisfaction from this ) but I suspect it is not from remorse. Apologies for not linking, internet skills not brill.
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  3. My bold - he will squirm quite a bit more when his "protection" suddenly realise that they will have to throw him to the court of public opinion to save their miserable hides (for a short time).
    My loathing of our political "elite" seems to grow by the day.
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  4. That was Reg Keys.I like the hat the blonde is wearing.
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  5. "edited to ensure I never get a total site ban"
    But I do like the fact that Blair has to wake up to that face every morning.
  6. Cherie is looking at Reg Keys almost with contempt on her face in my opinion. Says it all about New Labour/Labour Lite, whatever label you want to put on them. The so called champions of the working class couldn't even give Mr Keys, a bereaved father, the time of day.
    Meanwhile the Blairs own cosseted brood were being given multi million pound properties and employment opportunities the rest of us can only dream about on a plate, bought with blood money accumulated by their soulless father.
    All pigs are equal? If you say so. :x
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  7. What this one?

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  8. Deng dong as a certain smooth British actor almost said! :smile:
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  9. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    [Cough] Allegedly.
  10. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    When a politician apologises, he is only ever sorry for himself for being found out.
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  11. His protection team must be very good. I always thought the Serbs could be bothered.
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  12. How does one go about raising a contract?, just asking for a friend of a friend you understand, nothing personal.
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  13. crowd funded? I might be persuaded, only if the c**t was properly "terminated with extreme prejudice" though.
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  14. If initiated, the amount donated would be enough to fly the 5 families, and their "Minders" over from new York, first class, a week at the Ritz, and still have enough to bail out the national Dept.
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  15. There was a crowd funded campaign to get the **** behind bars a few months ago. I contributed handsomely, but should have known better. The lawyer scum pocketed the dough and nothing has been heard since.
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